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Are you ready for the emergency kit in the car?


Are you ready for the emergency kit in the car?

When driving, you will encounter various emergencies. Have you put all the necessary first aid kits and emergency supplies in the car? Here we highlight the following items for your reference.

When a car crashes on the road due to a flat tire or unknown circumstances, the rescue call of the repair shop can help you in time. It is recommended to record more rescue calls. In addition to 4S shops, it is best to record the phone calls that can provide timely rescue on a piece of paper, such as insurance companies, parts companies, beauty service shops, etc. In addition to storing these contact numbers in your mobile phone, it is best to back them up in the car. In addition to preventing the phone from suddenly running out of power, it is also convenient for other friends to use when borrowing a car.

When an accident occurs, it is important to treat the wound correctly and prevent infection. Therefore, it is very necessary to prepare a medical first aid kit on the car throughout the year. The first aid kit should include sterile dressings, gauze, bandages, disposable gloves, etc. Cyclists can also add towels, diarrhea medicine, motion sickness medicine, band-aids, windproof oil, sewing bags and other items by themselves, and put them in a small bag into the car. At the same time, these drugs must pay attention to the shelf life and replace them regularly.

Don't think that sunglasses are only suitable for summer. Sunglasses are also very useful when you are driving to other places and encountering sunny and snowy weather. On a sunny day after the rain, the field of vision is silvery white, which makes the optic nerve fatigue easily. Wearing sunglasses and taking a break can alleviate this phenomenon.

The aerosol fire extinguisher achieves the purpose of extinguishing fire by spraying the fire extinguishing agent in an aerosol state through certain chemical and physical methods.

The fire extinguishing principle of aerosol fire extinguishing agent is that the filled solid solid fire extinguishing particle generator decomposes a large amount of efficient fire extinguishing substance under the action of the potassium salt gas generating agent. It's like washing your hands with soap. The solid fire extinguishing particle generator is soap, and the hand is equivalent to a gas generator. Only under the interaction of fingers and soap can soap foam be produced to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

The aerosol fire extinguishing material produced by the aerosol fire extinguisher under the interaction of the fire extinguishing agent and the gas generating agent is equivalent to "soap foam" and is used for fire fighting. There is a portable aerosol fire extinguisher that is very suitable for automobile use. According to its characteristics, it is very suitable for extinguishing automobile fires.


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