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Common failures of air compressors


Common failures of air compressors

There are 7 common faults of air compressor.

The first is a power failure: the air compressor power/control power failure. At this time need to check the power supply, control the power supply whether there is electricity.

The second is that the motor temperature is too high: if the motor starts too often, the load is too heavy, the motor cooling is not enough, the motor itself or bearing has problems, sensors and so on. Limit the number of motor starts to reduce the load setting pressure.

The third is that the compressor temperature is too high: the air compressor outlet oil and gas mixture temperature to 120℃. You need to keep the air compressed well ventilated, check that the radiator has no debris cover, the radiator has a good heat dissipation, check the oil level of the air pressure, the cooling fan, and the temperature sensor.

The fourth is too high pressure: compressor outlet pressure to 15bar trip. Check whether the load setting pressure is too high, pressure sensor, etc., contact the maintenance check pressure regulating valve and load reducing valve.

The fifth is motor steering error: motor wiring error, star/triangle cannot be switched normally when the motor is started, and the fault of the steering signal sensor on the compressor itself causes the air compressor to report motor steering error. Do not panic, contact maintenance to check whether the motor phase sequence wiring is correct.

The sixth is the reduction of air discharge: check the air valve, if the air valve leakage phenomenon, either choose to grind maintenance, or to replace a new air valve. There is also the possibility that the piston ring, oil scraping ring or cylinder wear too much, this is not a matter of choice, and can only be replaced in time. If there are no problems, gently check the air filter for blockage or air leakage, clean the filter for dust, and repair the pipeline.

The seventh is excessive exhaust temperature or cooling water drainage temperature: a failure in this area has five possible problems. If the cylinder is overheated by drawing, repair the cylinder and piston in time. When a leak in the exhaust valve or damage to the valve spring or disc occurs, replacement parts are required. Check whether the cooling water is insufficient, adjust and increase the flow of cooling water in time. Such as cooling water blocked, cylinder, cylinder head, cooler caused by scale after the blockage, clear the ditch, dredge the blockage.


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