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Maintenance and purchase skills of car seat covers


The car seat cover can protect the original car seat from dry and clean and prevent the leather from aging. Car seat covers are automotive supplies. Car seat covers are generally divided into general seat covers and special car seat covers: the material of general seat covers is made of highly elastic fabric, which has a lot of room for contraction and expansion.

Installation Precautions:

1.When installing, please do not pull the sewing rubber band or rope forcibly.

2.After the seat is dirty, please wipe it gently with a wet towel (be careful not to apply too much force at this time).

3.The part of the car that has been exposed to direct sunlight for a long time (the upper part of the backrest, etc.) may be discolored.

4.It is not suitable for seats with built-in side airbags.

Car seat cover maintenance:

1.Daily maintenance should be diligent, and be careful not to scratch the car seat cover with sharp objects, do not let the dirt on your hands or clothes touch the car seat cover, and do not let all kinds of liquids spill on the car seat cover;Regularly tidy and level the car seat cover to avoid wrinkles and ensure that the car seat cover is tidy, conformable and beautiful;After the car seat cover is accidentally dirty, you can wipe it gently with a wet towel. Do not use too much force to avoid affecting the appearance;

2.Be careful when installing and disassembling. When installing and disassembling, do not pull too hard on the buckles, rubber bands, ropes, etc. used for sewing and installation, so as not to affect the use.

3.Be careful when cleaning seat covers. Car seat covers should be prepared with a few more sets, which should be replaced and cleaned every few months;Take care to remove the small iron hooks or small accessories before cleaning the seat cover to avoid damage to the seat cover or washing machine; car seat covers can be dry-cleaned or machine washed.When washing the seat cover, do not wash it with other clothes; after washing the seat cover, please let it dry naturally, do not wring out, spin dry or heat it.

Maintenance of leather seat cover:

1.Avoid touching hard or sharp objects

2.Keep away from the heat source, high temperature will make the cortex dry, and in severe cases, it will damage its original protective oil film, which will accelerate the aging of the leather and cause cracks and fading.

3.Smear protective agent

Buying tips for car seat covers:

1.Color: Whether the color of the seat cover matches the color of the car owner. For example, the color of the car interior is beige, it is best to choose gray or beige, etc., so as to better demonstrate the car's nobleness and aesthetic consistency, and also fully demonstrate the owner's personal taste.

2.Brand: The seat cover is consistent with the car seat. The car seat cover manufacturer molds and manufactures the seat cover according to the model and structure. It is dedicated to the car, so that the car seat cover will be comfortable and not loose.Therefore, the choice of car seat cover manufacturers is very important. For the purchase of seat covers, you should choose a manufacturer that has the strength, supports customization, and special vehicle models.

3.Fabric: The seat cover fabrics mainly include suede, pure cotton, ice silk, gauze and so on. Choose the seat cover fabric that suits your car according to your preferences.

4.Price: Regardless of whether the seat cover fabric is high-end or mid-to-low-end, the first thing is to make car owners like it, and choose fabrics of different prices according to the actual situation.


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