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Precautions for car MP3 purchase


There are many varieties of car MP3 converters on the market, and the quality and price are high and low. If you don't know about these products, you accidentally purchase a poor quality product, and music appreciation becomes noise appreciation, which affects you. I may still have doubts in my mood. Which brand of car MP3 is better? How to choose high-quality car MP3?

In fact, there are still many good car mp3s, the key lies in how to choose car mp3s. In order to help the friends who drive, they can choose the car MP3 they are satisfied with. Here, we will give a brief introduction on how to choose the car MP3 player from a professional perspective in the form of answering questions.

First of all, the cost of car mp3 is naturally different with different costs.

Second, we must pay attention to determine the sound quality of car MP3.

Third, determine the quality of MP music player files

Fourth, determine the quality of car MP car MP3/car MP3

Fifth, judge the quality of car MP car FM stereo radio

There are various transmitters on the market that can power/charge MP3s. The functions of car MP3s are mainly classified as follows:

1) Support USB power supply playback, support charging

2) USB-powered playback is not supported, but charging is supported

3) Support USB power supply playback, does not support charging

4) Does not support USB power supply playback, does not support charging

Based on the above aspects, after your careful selection, I believe that you should be able to select products that are more satisfactory in terms of sound quality.

Precautions for use:

1. Please use the voltage specified by the car MP3, DC 12V-24V. If you use a voltage other than the specified power supply, the machine may not work properly or the product may be damaged;
2. When starting or igniting the car, please do not insert this product into the car cigarette lighter, otherwise it may cause the machine to burn out due to overpressure;
3. When not using for a long time, please take out the machine to light the cigarette lighter;
4. Use the car audio to adjust the volume as much as possible, do not adjust the volume of the machine too much, otherwise it may produce popping sound and distortion, please press the back button to reduce the car MP3 output volume, you can return to normal;
5. When choosing a radio station, try to avoid radio stations with strong local signals to avoid interference affecting the sound quality;
6. If the car can't receive music, please check whether the frequency settings of the machine and the car are consistent, or try to increase the output volume of the machine by pressing and holding the fast forward button.

In addition, MP3 users are reminded to try to select those with a bit rate of 192 or above when downloading. Of course, it is better if it is 320, so as to ensure the quality of listening to songs.


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