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Precautions for the use of hand tools(1)


What should I pay attention to when carrying, passing and storing hand tools?

(1) Hand tools should be carried in special sets of belts or tool bags, tool buckets, not in the pockets of clothes and pants, not to insert in the belt.

(2) for the crowbar and other tools to be carried on the shoulder, when carrying to pay attention to the front and back, so that it does not touch with other objects and personnel, put down to stabilize.

(3) carry a soft line of light power tools, pay attention to protect the soft line, so that it is away from sharp objects, heat sources, oil or solvent, so as not to damage the soft line.

(4) The tools should be passed hand to hand between workers, not thrown; when passing the tools with sharp edges, the handle should be turned toward the person receiving the tools.

(5) When storing tools, pay attention to the proper location, placement should be smooth, so that it is not easy to fall off and hurt people, do not put on scaffolding, overhead pipes and moving parts of machinery.

hand tool

Attention to the use of assembly tools

Next we take assembly tools as an example, to see what specific attention. Assembly tools generally refer to screwdrivers, various types of wrenches, hand pliers, hammers, etc.

(1) Screwdriver

① should be tightened or loosened according to the head of the screw slot width and slot shape to choose the appropriate screwdriver; can not use a smaller screwdriver to screw a larger screw; cross screwdriver for tightening or loosening the head of the screw with a cross slot; elbow screwdriver for space constraints on the screw head.

② screwdriver blade damage, blunt should always be resharpened, grinding wheel grinding with water cooling, can not repair the screwdriver, such as serious damage to the blade, deformation, handle are cracked or damaged should be scrapped.

③ Do not use the screwdriver to tighten or loosen the screws on the workpiece held in the hand, the workpiece should be clamped in the fixture to prevent injury.

④ Do not pry open the gap or remove metal burrs and other objects by hammering the end of the screwdriver handle.

(2) Wrench

Wrenches are mainly used to tighten hexagonal and square screws and various nuts. When using the wrench should be used according to the shape, specifications and working conditions of the screws and nuts to choose the wrench with the appropriate specifications to operate.

The ① is composed of wrench body, fixed jaw, movable jaw and worm, etc. The live wrench is a universal wrench. Its opening size can be adjusted within a certain range, so the screws and nuts within the opening size can generally be used. However, you should not use the large size wrench to tighten the smaller size screws, which will make the screws break due to excessive torque; the opening should be adjusted according to the size of the opposite side of the hexagonal head of the screw or the hexagonal side of the nut, and the gap should not be too large, otherwise the screw head or the nut will be damaged, and it will be easy to slip off and cause injury accidents; the fixed jaws should be subjected to the main force, and the wrench handle should be pulled tightly in the direction of the operator, not pushed forward, and the wrench handle Not arbitrarily long, the wrench should not be used as a hammering tool.

② Dull wrenches (open-end wrenches), socket wrenches, locking wrenches and hexagonal wrenches, etc. are called special wrenches. Its characteristic is that the single-headed can only screw one size of screw head or nut, and the double-headed can only screw two sizes of screw head or nut; when using the dull wrench, the wrench opening should be made to work well with the screwed parts before exerting force, such as when the contact is not good, the force is easy to slip off and make the operator's body unbalanced; the sleeve wrench also needs to contact well before exerting force when using, and when the plum sleeve and wrench handle are found to be deformed or cracked, it should be Stop using, pay attention to remove the dust and oil in the sleeve at any time; when using locking wrench and hexagonal wrench, pay attention to choose the right specification and model to prevent slipping off and hurting your hand.

③ Ratchet wrenches and torque limited wrenches are special wrenches made according to special requirements and should be used correctly according to the requirements of the product manual, or the force should be adjusted according to the readings of the indicator.


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