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The best time and number of rope skipping


How many small partners usually have the habit of jumping rope? In fact, jumping rope in our childhood memories have always been in, but always as a recreational project, and as we get older, jumping rope seems to give more meaning, such as weight loss fitness, especially for weight loss, jumping rope is not a good method, and today we will talk about the best time and number of jumping rope!

A, the best time to jump rope

The best time to jump rope should be in an hour after dinner, because this time the food in the stomach has been digested, and already have enough stamina to carry out a day of fat loss activities. Of course, if you have a morning practice habit partners, you can choose in the morning, but do not carry out on an empty stomach, injury to the stomach and no physical fitness, also need to consume breakfast after 40 minutes can be trained.

jump rope

B, the best number of jump rope

Jumping rope and no specific best quantity, is should be based on the time to calculate the best time should be in more than 30 minutes, because the body before 30 minutes is will consume their own glycogen, and will not consume fat, so want to achieve fat loss exercise, should then keep jumping rope more than 30 minutes, and each jump rope after 5 minutes, should be appropriate for a minute of rest, such an arrangement is more reasonable. And the specific to jump how long also need to be based on personal physical differences.

C, the benefits of jumping rope

Jumping rope has always been the main choice of fat loss, because the biggest benefit of jumping rope is to lose excess body fat, in the process of jumping rope exercise, almost can exercise the whole body muscles, including elbows, shoulders, abdomen and thigh muscles and so on; Secondly, jumping rope can also exercise our heart and lung function, enhance lung capacity; Jumping rope can also exercise our body coordination ability, because need to use the brain, hands, legs three aspects for control.

jump rope

This is about the best time to jump rope, the number and the benefits to the body, the parties and there is no difficulty can say, as long as there is a rope will be able to let you exercise, so still for what to do exercise and worry about the partners, may use our most familiar jump rope to exercise their bodies, lose excess fat, I believe you also have a thinner day.


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