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The correct use of triangular warning signs


Usually, when you go to the store to buy a car, the clerk will equip you with some safety accessories, including a warning triangle. When your car breaks down and you need to stop in an emergency, place a warning triangle at a certain distance behind your car to warn the car behind you not to rear-end and cause a second accident, but the warning triangle is not placed arbitrarily, only the correct position can warn you, and many Many drivers do not place it correctly, so let's talk about how to use the warning triangle correctly.


When your car breaks down and you need to pull to the side in an emergency, you need to remove the warning triangle and place it directly behind the car.

There is still a distance requirement to place it behind the car, you can't say it is only a few meters away from the car, the safety law states that it should be placed within a distance of 50 meters to 100 meters behind the car, in case of high speed, it needs to be placed 150 meters away, however, this distance does not mean it is fixed, if the weather is not good, in case of rain and fog, the distance can be extended appropriately, please remember that it can only be extended but not shortened.

Unable to hold warning signs

Some drivers may accompany them when the car breaks down and stops at the side of the road in an emergency, they will ask their companions to take the warning triangle and then walk 100 meters behind the car and ask them to stay there, even more exaggerated warning that the card holder is broken, so he makes his companion stand there and hold the warning sign, this method is the most undesirable because the warning sign is supposed to to warn the car behind them, but they are worried that if they don't warn the car behind them, if your car stops there, your car could cause a rear-end accident, and if the car behind you doesn't have time to react, it will hit the warning sign, and if you stand there, it will be a person, and if the holder is broken, please support it with something that will support the warning sign.

You cannot replace it with other items

Some drivers find that they do not carry a warning triangle in their car, or that the warning triangle is damaged, so they replace the warning triangle with something slightly larger. First, to be clear, although it is best to replace anything with something else and not throw it away, there is still a great safety hazard because other people do not know what you mean and may not be able to warn you, and you will see that I understand the warning triangle, and, if what you are replacing does not have any reflective effect, other cars may crash into other cars, which may cause other cars to break down.

4-Warning Triangles

Turn on the dual flashers

When a car breaks down and stops on the side of the road, not only must you place a warning triangle, but you must also turn on your dual flashers and, if it is nighttime, your taillights. The purpose of this is to increase the presence of the vehicle, especially in areas with poor visibility, and because the number of warning signs is relatively small, there is no guarantee that every passing driver will notice the warning signs, so turning on the dual flashers can also serve as a The purpose is to increase the presence of vehicles, especially in places with poor visibility.

These are the proper ways to use the warning triangle, but if the car does not have such a safety feature, it must be prepared and you will still need to use it at critical times.


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