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The need for a safety hammer


When it comes to safety hammer, many people are not unfamiliar, in simple terms, the safety hammer is a kind of hammer used to break the window, the hammer head is very sharp, mainly to hit the glass. Safety hammer in a variety of passenger cars are necessary safety tools, and placed in the middle of the car next to the glass, usually looks like an accessory, but in critical times, but can be used to save lives.

How to choose Safety hammer?

The role of safety hammer is clear to everyone, so what factors should be considered when buying? Maple car car that the purchase of safety hammer can be considered from the product design, function and price of three aspects.

Product design, safety hammer should be purchased handle longer, the hammer head more pointed kind. Otherwise, the safety hammer is too sluggish will delay the time of self-help; price, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, do not just look at the price, according to the material to choose the more cost-effective; and function, to choose a full-featured, now on the market a wide range of safety hammer products, car owners in the purchase to look carefully at whether there is an emergency broken knife rope, sound alarm, emergency window hammer, emergency flashlight and other functions.

Multifunctional safety hammer has a broken window, cutting rope, lighting and warning function, can meet the needs of the owner when the emergency use. And this safety hammer cost-effective, using new material, made of high-quality 45 # steel after heat treatment whole solid quenching to build, mainly for car failure or accident to play a warning and escape role, good handle design, help easily hammer glass, cut the car insurance belt. Improve car driving safety coefficient, is a car travel essential safety supplies, usually not used when set aside only the car seat as well as the car window side.

safety hammer

How to use the correct safety hammer?

The use of safety hammer is not just hammer hammer on OK, but also need to pay attention to the skills. Maple car car said, car owners want to use the correct safety hammer can do this: the correct approach is to quickly pick up the safety hammer, with the tip of the hammer to vigorously knock the four corners and edges of the glass, knocking, the whole piece of glass will fall off. The better the knocking position against the edge, because the edge of the glass is the most vulnerable part, it is easy to crack and will fall off the whole glass. Secondly, if the glass is taped to the film, not knocking the edge, the film is easy to connect with the glass, so that the glass is not easy to fall off. Of course, if the glass is only connected by the film, you can take the method of kicking outward with your feet to get the glass off.

Overall, private cars are necessary to buy and place a safety hammer in the car, and the small size and weight of the safety hammer will not cause weight and space burden on the car.


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