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The principle of the fascia gun--What else do you need to know about the fascia gun


The fascia gun in just listed directly burst the network from the gym directly up to the major network platform from offline to online distance, this leap is very scary. In such a behind the fascia gun is certainly after a very long development of the generation to be able to have today's achievements we can come together to feel the development of the history of the fascia gun it.

In about 2018, the fascia gun, which was initially used by professional athletes to relax their muscles between games, gradually spread to the fitness circle and quickly became popular, and became a sports rehabilitation tool for fitness professionals.

For fitness professionals, after exercise and fitness often appear muscle tension or soreness, soreness is difficult to continue to exercise, need a lot of time to rest and recovery, resulting in inefficient fitness.

And the fascia gun in the relaxation of the muscle shows a very high efficiency, can help relax the muscle and reduce physical fatigue in a short time, shorten the muscle recovery time between exercises, so that muscle rejuvenation, greatly improving the efficiency of fitness.

What is the principle of a fascia gun? Myofascial guns are popular with many people who are trying to lose weight and get fit because they help us relax our tense muscles after exercise. Let's learn more about it today.

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The principle of fascia gun

The principle of the myofascial gun is to use the principle of muscle resonance to deep muscle tissue for deep strikes and vibrations, thus accelerating blood circulation, relieving pain - accelerating recovery after injury. It has a certain local weight loss effect, muscle fat in the subcutaneous movement and consume a lot of fat and generate heat energy out of the body.

The role of the fascia gun

Myofascial gun is through the high speed vibration of the gun impact body movement after the tight body parts, to help muscle soft tissue relaxation recovery, to avoid fascial adhesion, to relieve muscle stiffness, hardness, tightness, but also to promote blood circulation, dissipate the fatigue of creatine, to help relieve body fatigue and soreness.

How to use the fascial gun

First of all, make sure to start vibrating before you start massaging. Use it to follow the direction of the muscles, so familiarize yourself with the anatomy of the muscles you want to relax. Then choose a different gun according to your relaxation area. Our principle is to push tightly and move slowly, for example, a dozen times before moving, moving a small distance each time.

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Can you use fascia gun without exercise?

Myofascial guns can be used by people who do not work out, but it is not necessary to use them, there are professional massage instruments. If you don't do anaerobic training, the fascia gun is useless to you, and the foam axis can completely satisfy you if you train occasionally.


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