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Trailer rope purchase points


Trailer rope is the most common and basic equipment for off-road vehicles, recently many friends are inquiring what kind of tow rope to buy, this post we will talk about the purchase and use of tow rope in detail. Steel wire tow rope is currently very small range of application, for ordinary users have no contact opportunities, so this article only discusses the nylon material tow rope.

Question one: how long to buy the right

Generally speaking, the tow rope buy a longer suitable. This can make the rescue vehicle as far as possible from the adverse terrain near the trapped vehicle, to avoid the rescue vehicle again trapped.

Many times, a tow rope can not meet the requirements, need to be more than one tow rope tandem in order to make the rescue carried out smoothly.

Therefore, the tow rope is generally longer is always no mistake. But short tow rope also has a use. In the rugged mountain road, especially the elbow bend more mountain road, or in the dense woods shuttle, in short, in the environment of many bends and narrow roads, long tow rope is not as good as the short tow rope.

For example, once in the activity, out of the mountain there is a steep and all elbow bends of the mountain road. As part of the corner vehicle can not be completed at once, you need to rub a few more direction in the process of cornering in order to adjust the direction. When reversing, due to the steepness of the slope, often accompanied by cross-axles, some vehicles can not complete the reverse, can only rely on the rear of the car hooked to the tow rope to pull up. This time the problem came out - the tow rope is too long. Later, the tow rope can only be wrapped around the rear axle of the front car to pull the front car, equivalent to the tow rope folded in half.

To sum up, if you want to buy a tow rope, at least should be equipped with a long tow rope of more than 15 meters. The longer the rope in the daily rescue, the less difficult for the rescue operation, to avoid being rescued from the vehicle in the speed too fast to hit the front car. If you want to be more secure, then buy a 5 ~ 8 meters of tow rope is more secure.

tow rope

Question two: buy how much tension tow rope

Trailer rope there is an important indicator is the maximum withstand tension. Commonly there are 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons, 20 tons and other pulling force of the tow rope. This tonnage and the weight of the car is not necessarily related, such as land cruiser car weight less than 3 tons, so does it mean that buy a 5 tons of tow rope is enough? The answer is no. In most rescue activities, the rescue vehicle needs to have a small acceleration sprint, relying on inertia to pull out the trapped vehicle. In the tow rope eat on the moment of force, the force is very large. The following figure, the right side of the FJ rescue left vehicle, due to the faster speed, the left side of the FJ will be pulled to fly, the instant force loaded on the tow rope is much greater than the weight of the car.

Why seems to be similar indicators of the tow rope, the price will have 7 ~ 8 times the difference? There are two main reasons, a part of the low-end tow rope there are false parameters of the situation, 10 tons when 20 tons of the sale. The second is in the elasticity of the trailer rope, low temperature conditions, performance stability is different.

Pulling force formula: F=ma=m*dv/dt

From the above formula we calculate the pull force can be seen, the huge pull force comes from the tow rope in a short time to pull the vehicle to a halt. If you increase the elasticity of the tow rope and extend the action time, it will significantly reduce the tow rope stress. For example, from 0.5s pull close to reduce to 2s pull tight, tow rope stress will be reduced from 20 tons to 5 tons. This is a great benefit to the vehicle and tow rope, rescue effect is rather better. Because it is a continuous force, the vehicle is easier to get out of trouble. Excellent tow rope, its elastic extension can reach 20% ~ 30%, and in the low temperature environment elasticity basic no decay, for the rescue trailer provides a reliable and safe guarantee. If the off-road more, buy a good tow rope absolutely no loss.


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