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Fast track for vehicle access control systems(二)

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Fast track for vehicle access control systems(二)

Third, more than keyless access.The trend toward keyless entry in cars is growing and so is the demand for wireless sensor equipment. Automakers are designing more sensor arrays for cars to support in-car infotainment systems, keyless entry, tire pressure monitoring, status alerts, and more. Driven by this trend, authorities such as ABI Research predict that two-thirds of all cars on the road will be equipped with Bluetooth by 2024, and expect four to six bluetooth sensors in every car in the future.

Fourth,The industry's first batch of integrated (CAN FD) vehicles are classified and compatible with bluetooth 5 wireless microcontrollers.NXP Semiconductor announces the launch of the KW3x Microcontroller (MCU) series with the NEW MCU product KW39/38/37.Kw39/38/37 adds features such as bluetooth 5.0 long distance transmission and Bluetooth broadcast channel extension. While supporting all the new features of low-power Bluetooth 5.0, a seamless migration of hardware, software and tool compatibility with its predecessor, Kw34/35/36, is achieved.

The KW39/38/37 series features first class RF performance and excellent reception sensitivity, enabling low power bluetooth connectivity over long distances.

For example, with a reception sensitivity of 105 dBm and a rate of 125 kbits/s E encoding mode, harsh environments and longer distance Bluetooth connections can be achieved.

In addition, the RF can easily support eight secure connections to any master/slave combination at the same time, allowing multiple authorized users to communicate with the device. The data flow buffer of this series of MCU innovatively captures rf parameters without pausing the processor or DMA, making possible the high-precision measurements required for distance and Angle estimation.

Car keyless access has become an unstoppable trend.


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