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Impact drill(1)

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Impact drill(1)

The impact drill relies on rotation and impact to work. A single impact is very slight, but the impact frequency of more than 40,000 per minute can produce a continuous force. Can be used for natural stone or concrete. When the impact drill is working, there is an adjustment knob at the drill chuck, which can be adjusted in two ways: ordinary electric drill and impact drill. But the impact drill uses the gears on the inner shaft to jump to achieve the impact effect, and the impact force is far less than that of the electric hammer. It is not suitable for drilling reinforced concrete.

The impact mechanism of the impact drill has two types: dog tooth type and ball type. Ball-type impact electric drill driven disc, Fixing plate, steel ball, etc. The moving plate is connected to the main shaft by threads and has 12 steel balls; the fixed plate is fixed on the casing with pins and has 4 steel balls. Under the action of thrust, 12 steel balls roll along the 4 steel balls. The cemented carbide drill bit produces a rotating impact motion, which can drill holes in brittle materials such as bricks, blocks, and concrete. Take off the nails, make the fixed plate and follower plate rotate together without impact, and can be used as an ordinary electric drill.

It is mainly suitable for impact drilling on concrete floors, walls, bricks, stones, wooden boards and multilayer materials; in addition, it can also drill and tap wood, metal, ceramics and plastics and is equipped with electronic speed control equipment For forward/reverse functions.

The impact drill motor voltage has two different voltages: 0V-230V and 0V-115V. It controls the clutch of the micro switch to obtain two different speeds of the motor. It is equipped with a forward and reverse steering control mechanism, elastic screws and tapping functions.


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