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The difference between the role of electric toothbrush and tooth flosser


Electric toothbrushes, flossers and dental floss are often used tools for dental cleaning, for people with deep cleaning needs, a good cleaning tool is indispensable, so how to choose an electric toothbrush flosser and dental floss?

Electric toothbrush for tooth surface stains, cleaning that is quite great, but there are two places is "can not help": one is the gap, the other is the gum groove. For those who brush their teeth diligently every day and have mastered the proper brushing techniques, these two areas are the culprits of dental problems. The gum sulcus is the place where our teeth and gums meet - although it appears to have bordered the teeth, there is still a place for stains to hide, which will naturally breed bacteria and harm dental health in the long run. The flosser (also known as water flosser) provides a column of pressure water that can effectively enter deeper into the gum sulcus to clean the gap between the teeth and the gum sulcus.

First of all, flossers and electric toothbrushes are somewhat similar in appearance, while electric toothbrushes are smaller and easier to grip, making them a good helper for cleaning teeth~

In terms of principle, there are two main categories of electric toothbrushes: rotating and vibrating. Rotating type of toothbrush principle is simple, is the motor drive round brush head rotation, in the execution of ordinary brushing action while strengthening the friction effect, rotating type of toothbrush noise, tooth surface cleaning is very clean, crevice cleaning is relatively weak, but wear and tear on the teeth, not recommended for long-term use. The vibrating type of toothbrush is more complex and higher-end in terms of price. Vibrating type of toothbrush has an electrically driven vibration motor inside, which allows the brush head to produce high-frequency oscillation perpendicular to the direction of the brush handle, but the amplitude of the oscillation is very small, generally about 5 mm up and down, and the industry's largest oscillation is 6 mm. When brushing teeth, on the one hand, the high-frequency oscillation of the brush head can efficiently complete the action of scrubbing teeth, on the other hand, more than 30,000 times per minute vibration also allows the mixture of toothpaste and water in the mouth to produce a large number of tiny bubbles, the pressure generated by the bubble burst can be deep into the teeth to clean the dirt.


Six advantages of electric toothbrushes.

Cleaning power

Traditional toothbrushes are difficult to remove plaque thoroughly, and the improper brushing method makes the cleaning effect of brushing teeth much less effective. Experiments have proven that electric toothbrushes remove 38% more plaque than manual toothbrushes, and its cleaning ability has been unanimously confirmed by dental experts.

Comfortable feeling

Improper brushing often causes our gums to suffer. The slight vibration generated by the electric toothbrush rotating at high speed not only promotes blood circulation in the mouth, but also has an unexpected massage effect on the gum tissue, and this comfortable feeling can only be known after personal experience.

Fun feeling

This applies not only to many children who do not like to brush their teeth, but also to adults. Because the electric toothbrush volume than the traditional toothbrush increased a lot, so in the appearance of the work can be done. Watching a "sports car" "run" back and forth in front of your mouth makes brushing your teeth a natural pleasure.

Reduce damage

When brushing with a normal toothbrush, the intensity of use is controlled by the user, and sometimes it is inevitable that the brushing force is too strong, or the incorrect pull-saw horizontal brushing method is used, which can cause damage to the teeth and gums. Experiments have shown that electric toothbrushes can reduce the brushing force by about 60% and reduce the frequency of gingivitis and gum bleeding by 62%, making the brushing process safer and more effective.


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