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These four auto parts need regular inspection

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These four auto parts need regular inspection

The car as a more sophisticated mechanical products, if not properly maintained, the car will go wrong.

The first one is the spark plug. Many people overlook this small item, but the spark plug is a very important accessory. It is part of the ignition system, and the spark plug determines the performance of the engine to a large extent. If the spark plug is used for too long, it will fail to start the car, or damage the engine.

The second is brake oil. Brake oil plays an important role in automobile brake system.

One of the features of brake fluid is that it cannot be adulterated with any water or other impurities, but it is especially difficult in a car to be completely out of contact with the air.

So as time goes on, the brake oil deteriorates. If there is a squeak when we brake, it means there may be a shortage of brake oil and we need to replenish it.

The third is the brake pump. The brake pump can push up the brake pads, causing them to rub against the brake drum so that the speed can be reduced. As the brake pump directly ACTS on the ground, it is very easy to be damaged, especially when the brake suddenly at high speed, which will cause great damage to the brake pump. We need to check this part in time and replace it if any damage is found, otherwise the brake failure is no laughing matter.

The fourth is the ball cage dust jacket. Many of you may not have heard of this accessory, but it prevents dust from getting into your car. If the engine in the car gets into the dust, it will greatly reduce the life, so this part also needs to be checked and replaced frequently.

These are the four accessories that need to be checked regularly. Most of the time we ignore them. Set a check time from now on!


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