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Why does the car burn engine oil?

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The main phenomenon of burning oil is that blue smoke is discharged from the exhaust pipe, and the oil consumption in the engine is obviously increased. There are two reasons:

Natural wear:

As the mileage of a car increases, the wear between the piston and the cylinder gradually increases. When this wear increases to a certain level, the cylinder blow-by will begin, and then the oil burning phenomenon will occur. When the valve oil seal is damaged, the oil burning phenomenon will be more obvious.

Improper maintenance:

  1. Maintaining the engine according to the prescribed mileage will extend the service life of the engine. On the contrary, if the maintenance is not done in time, the oil is too dirty, and the impurities in the oil will accelerate the wear of the engine cylinder.

  2. Too much oil has been added.

  3. The ignition time is too early or too late. Too early or too late will produce knocking, which will increase the engine temperature, and in severe cases, the piston will fall off the top and the cylinder will be scrapped. In its early stage, serious blow-by of the cylinder block will cause oil burning.

  4. The air filter element, machine filter element, engine oil, etc. are improperly selected, and the gas impurities entering the cylinder cannot be well purified, and various dust particles enter the cylinder, which accelerates the wear of the cylinder. The quality of the filter element of the machine is poor, and it can not play the role of filtering impurities in the oil. Counterfeit engine oil or the engine oil used does not match the engine oil grade of the vehicle used. In this way, a good oil film will not be formed on the frictional surfaces of the engine. The heavy one will pull the cylinder and the light one will blow-by.

  5. There is too much dirt in the water tank in the cooling system. The radiator and condenser are too dirty, which reduces the ventilation and heat dissipation capacity and increases the normal operating temperature of the engine. Due to the high temperature, the quality of the oil film produced by the lubricating oil during friction is reduced, and the cylinder wear is increased.



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