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Bicycle common faults, you can solve a few?(二)

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Repairing a bicycle is a technical task. In the eyes of many people, repairing a bicycle is very troublesome, and the first choice for many people after any breakdown of the bicycle is still to go to the repair shop. But it's often just a small problem.

In order to avoid similar situations, I have sorted out several common faults of bicycles to help you judge the condition of bicycles:

1 :Brake weakness, but not serious brake pad wear


Reason: due to loose brake cable or serious wear of CNC rim stripes on the body.

How to solve: Turn the brake fine-tuning nut counterclockwise (usually near the brake caliper or brake hand, and at the end of the brake line pipe) to bring the brake shoe close to the rim, and adjust the sensitivity according to personal habits.

2 :Piercing sound when braking


Reasons and solutions:

If the quality of the brake pads is not good or the hard brake pads used are prone to abnormal noise, you can replace with better quality brake pads or soft brake pads.

The brake pad has been inclined due to installation or external force, and the fitting surface is uneven or even touches the tire. At this time, readjust the brake.

The aluminum scraps attached to the brake pads rub against the rim. You can polish the brake pads with sandpaper or a file to remove the aluminum scraps on the surface.

3 :Tyre cracked


Reason: The complex road conditions of long-distance and off-road riding may easily cause the tire to split. If it is not repaired in time, it may cause the tire to blow out.

How to solve: First observe whether the crack is on the front or side of the tire. If it is on the side, you need to replace the tire immediately; if it is on the front and the crack does not exceed 0.5cm, you can temporarily repair the crack with a special patch.

4 :The tire was punctured by a nail

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How to solve: After the tire is nailed, the nail should be taken out as soon as possible to prevent the inner tube from being punctured multiple times. If the inner tube has a small number of holes, you can use your own tire repair tool to repair it, or you can directly replace the inner tube.

5 :The tire is often punctured


Reason: The tire pressure is too low, or the riding speed is too fast, and the road condition is not paid attention to in time.

How to solve: The tire has a standard pressure value. For ordinary riders, the recommended tire pressure is 140 psi ~ 120 psi minimum. This pressure value comes from the test.When it exceeds 140 psi, it will increase the rolling resistance. If it is too low, the tire will be easily punctured.Also in the poor road conditions, slow detour is recommended.

6 :The tire patch cannot be bonded to the inner tube


Reason: There are still impurities on the surface of the inner tube; there is an air gap between the tire patch and the tire; there is less glue, and the tire patch is moved before it is completely dry.

How to solve: Clean the inner tube, mark the crack when you find it, apply more glue and make sure that the crack is in the center of the tire patch when sticking, and give the glue enough time to dry, about 5 minutes.


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