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  • The China Import and Export Fair


    The 129th Canton Fair will be held online from April 15th to 24th.The preparations for this session of the Canton Fair are progressing smoothly. Up to now, exhibitors have uploaded nearly 2.63 million exhibits, with a total of about 60,000 booths, and about 25,000 exhibitors at home and abroad. It i Read More

  • Global factory growth close to highest in a decade


    Many raw materials have experienced significant growth after Chinese New Year.Many of our products have been affected by price increases such as car jacks/car washer/safety vest and so on.We have made every effort to control and absorb the increases over the last 1 months. It is no longer possible f Read More

  • What is a car black box ?


    Many vehicles already have car black box but most people are not aware that their car contains the device that works similar to those found in airplanes. Within those few seconds before the collision, the car black box records several highly important information that help accident investigators to Read More

  • How to choose a tire inflator(1)


    How to choose a tire inflator(1)The principles of air pumps on the market are similar. The basic parameters are roughly divided into several aspects: power, air output, additional functions. The air pump is divided into single-cylinder and double-cylinder. This sounds a bit like the name of a car en Read More

  • Precautions for the use of tow rope


    The tow rope is generally made of cloth tape, steel wire and nylon rope, with lengths (3M-10M) Read More

  • Maintenance and purchase skills of car seat covers


    The car seat cover can protect the original car seat from dry and clean and prevent the leather from aging. Car seat covers are automotive supplies. Car seat covers are generally divided into general seat covers and special car seat covers: the material of general seat covers is made of highly elast Read More

  • Steering wheel cover function introduction


    Steering wheel cover refers to a cover that is placed on the steering wheel.The steering wheel cover has a strong decorative nature, which is more fashionable, full of gentleman's demeanor, comfortable in the hand, and elegant and generous in design without losing vitality.The exquisite series, the Read More

  • How to maintain the screwdriver?


    Screwdriver is a common hardware tool product used to fasten or remove screws, Read More

  • If you have a car, there are three great things that you deserve to own.


    With the continuous development of society, automobiles have entered thousands of households. A beloved car will make our travel more convenient and our lives more colorful. However, we also encounter many car-use problems in our daily car use, such as inconvenient car washing, inadequate dust remov Read More

  • The working principle of reflective vest


    The main body of the reflective vest is made of mesh cloth or plain cloth, and the reflective material is reflective lattice or high-brightness reflective cloth. Read More

  • The principle and characteristics of car air pump


    The car air pump is also called an inflator, which works by the operation of an internal motor. Principle: When the motor is running, when the air is pumped, the valve of the communicating device is opened by the atmospheric pressure, and the gas enters the cylinder. Read More

  • The use and precautions of commonly used wrenches


    A wrench is a tool used to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts. Each type of wrench has its own special purpose. The common ones are open-end wrenches, box wrenches, and adjustable wrenches. The following editor will briefly introduce three kinds of wrenches for you. Read More

  • With the right tools, you can easily wash the car at home


    Car washing has always been a problem that brings trouble to many car owners. Every time they go to wash the car, there are always a lot of worries: too many people have to line up, the washing is not clean, the washing tools are too rough and the car will be injured. And sometimes the needs of car Read More

  • The use and working principle of the jack


    I believe everyone is already very familiar with the jack, a vehicle-mounted tool, when we change the spare tire, we need the jack to come in handy. But for some novice drivers, they may not have a thorough understanding of this thing, and they don't even know how to use it. So, how to use the jack, Read More

  • Do you like electric screwdrivers?


    Living at home will always encounter all kinds of small troubles. Today the screws on the door are loose, and tomorrow the children's toys need to be repaired. This is a very real daily life, simple and unpretentious. Read More

  • What kind of steering wheel cover feels best?


    Generally, the steering wheel is made of zinc alloy, which is hard in quality and complex in structure. The key is that it feels very bad when you hold it. A steering wheel cover can not only improve comfort, but also play a decorative role. It can also prevent some car owners from sweating and slip Read More

  • How to choose a car driving recorder?


    No matter the new car or the old car, it should be equipped with a driving recorder. The driving recorder will faithfully record the whole process of your driving. Once you encounter an accident, you can restore the truth and quickly distinguish the responsibility of the accident. Read More

  • Recommendations for buying car air purifiers


    Car air purifiers refer to air purification equipment dedicated to the purification of PM2.5, toxic and harmful gases (formaldehyde, benzene series, TVOC, etc.), peculiar smells, bacteria and viruses in the air in the car. Read More

  • How to choose a suitable electric wrench?


    An electric torque wrench is a high-precision wrench that can be set to torque and is powered by a power source. It is a tool for tightening and removing bolts. Read More

  • How likely is it that we encounter a car puncture?


    Most of the major traffic accidents on highways are due to a flat tire when the car is driving at high speed. But in our daily driving, as car owners, only a very small number of people have experienced a puncture. Some people have even driven a car for decades without a puncture. However, there are Read More

  • What is the reason for the difficulty of car climbing? What's wrong with the lack of uphill momentum?


    I believe that many car owners have had this experience, that is, when the car has been used for a long time, they find that their vehicle is particularly weak when climbing, even if the throttle is increased, the speed is still not up, then this situation What is going on? What is the cause of the Read More

  • How to use the drill correctly?


    Drill is a commonly used power tool, Read More

  • How to clean the car interior?


    Those who drive often know that in addition to keeping the appearance of a car clean and tidy, the interior of the car should also be cleaned frequently. Read More

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