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How to choose a tire inflator(1)

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How to choose a tire inflator(1)

The principles of air pumps on the market are similar. The basic parameters are roughly divided into several aspects: power, air output, additional functions. The air pump is divided into single-cylinder and double-cylinder. This sounds a bit like the name of a car engine, but it is indeed similar. Single-cylinder means that the tire pressure pump has only one power element inflating the tire, while dual-cylinder means that two power elements work simultaneously. So in theory, two-cylinder is better. However, if some small cars are not heavy and have small tires, there is no problem at all with a single-cylinder air pump.

The air pump is divided into automatic and manual versions. As long as some pumps set the value that the tire pressure should reach, turn on the power, the air pump will automatically inflate the tire to the specified tire pressure and stop automatically. Of course, this type of air pump is also more expensive. The air pump is used to inflate the car. Usually, this situation is encountered when it is impossible to go to the auto repair shop in time, and the environment may be more complicated. Some air pumps will be carefully installed with lights to prevent night operation. And some tire pressure pumps will also come with tools such as screwdrivers and pliers, giving people many conveniences.

The air pump can not only inflate car tires, but also inflates various inflatable items such as basketballs and inflatable beds.

Therefore, some inflatable pumps come with a variety of air nozzles, such as air needles and trachea. If you have corresponding needs, you should be careful when you buy them and try to buy all the related supplies together to bring more convenience to outdoor entertainment.

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