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Outdoor tent buying guide


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Outdoor tents can be divided into single-layer and double-layer types according to their materials. The single-layer type uses only one rainproof layer, so there is no need to worry about rain leaks on rainy days. However, the air permeability is relatively poor, and can only be used in places with the lower limit of the forest. The camping site is required to be well ventilated. Otherwise, the moisture that people exhale in the tent or the breath from cooking will condense in the inner tent, causing small drops of water and even soaking the sleeping bag. Therefore, when purchasing, it is recommended to choose a double-layer tent

Although the price is slightly higher than that of a single-layer product, it has an absolute advantage in terms of air permeability. The double-layer tent has a breathable layer as the inner tent, and a rainproof layer as the outer tent. There is a certain gap between the two layers of materials. It can ensure that the tent has good ventilation performance and is rainproof, and at the same time, the moisture leaking from the inner tent will never make the two layers of materials stick together.

camping tent

Considering that many young people have the courage to try and pursue travel with the goal of discovery and discovery, tourist locations are sometimes not very safe, so it is recommended to choose warm colors when choosing the color of the tent. For example, yellow, orange, red, etc. These more eye-catching colors can help us be more easily spotted by others when we are in danger and avoid death.

When traveling, friends often travel in groups. When choosing a tent, consider how many people the tent can accommodate. Although the tents currently designed have different styles, most of them are designed for double use. If you consider that you may need three or four people when necessary, it is recommended to choose a larger tent. In addition, carefully check the support of the tent.

You should choose an outdoor tent that is light, spacious, and strong enough to cope with some special requirements, such as hail and animal infestations. Don't just choose according to personalized appearance style and surface.

Friends who are traveling for the first time, when buying tents, it is still recommended not to be cheap for a while, it is recommended to choose well-known brands, the quality is relatively safe. It can be combined with your own situation. For example, you may camp frequently. Generally, camping will last for more than three days, but you generally don’t choose extreme sports. Then you can choose three seasons of well-known brands such as Pathfinder and MU Gaodi when shopping. The tent is sufficient to meet the needs of travel friends who do not go to the cold environment. And if you like extreme sports, you can choose professional Archaeopteryx, TNF and other professional alpine tents. The degree of support and rain-proof and breathable materials are unmatched by other unknown brands.


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