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  • What are the effects of jumping rope to your body?


    When considering a new exercise practice, it's important to consider all the facts, good and bad. In this article, I've listed everything you need to know about jumping rope, including relevant data and scientific studies, to get you all together to understand the real implementation and debunk the Read More

  • Why wear professional leggings when exercising


    1. To keep your muscles warmBefore a game, in order to get the body into the rhythm of the game as soon as possible, it is often warmed up to activate the muscles, which on the one hand can reduce unnecessary injuries and on the other hand can maintain a better competitive state. Although players wi Read More

  • The principle of the fascia gun--What else do you need to know about the fascia gun


    The fascia gun in just listed directly burst the network from the gym directly up to the major network platform from offline to online distance, this leap is very scary. In such a behind the fascia gun is certainly after a very long development of the generation to be able to have today's achievemen Read More

  • How to buy the right jump rope for yourself


    Open the shopping platform search "jump rope", looking at the listening Lang full of jump rope, dazzling kinds, varying prices, many friends are confused: as a child in school next to the sports store to buy a random as long as a few dollars, now how so complicated?In fact, not at all complex, becau Read More

  • 6 kinds of common yoga aids introduction


    In yoga practice, the scientific use of yoga aids can not only help us to complete the progress of asana, but also avoid unnecessary injuries, so that your yoga practice can safely and efficiently reach a new level.Today, I will share with you the practice sequence, usage and role of the 6 most comm Read More

  • How to clean the car interior?


    For some car lovers, buying a car is like their own baby, usually very much cherished, there are some small scratches and scrapes are to be distressed for several days, every day, thinking about how to care for their own car. And the car environment is also vital to them, often to clean the car acce Read More

  • Potential drawbacks of jumping rope


    While I am obviously a strong advocate of jumping rope, it would be to your detriment if I didn't mention some of the risks or drawbacks of jumping rope.I can only think of a few, and they only apply to very specific situations. Nonetheless, they are worth mentioning.1. Pre-existing injuriesOne of t Read More

  • Bicycle riding gloves selection rules


    Cycling gloves are divided into two types: half-finger and full-finger, when buying and selling, try to choose the stitching part of the strong, palm part of the thick. Some gloves also have towel material on the thumb to make it easier for riders to wipe off sweat. Most cyclists choose gloves will Read More

  • How to choose a yoga mat?


    To choose a good yoga mat, you need to consider these aspects:First, the materialIf you want to choose a good yoga mat, one of the most important factors to consider is its material. Because the material not only affects the quality of the yoga mat, but also relates to its high or low price. At pres Read More

  • Fascial gun selection should be chosen from five aspects


    With the increasing prevalence of sports exercise, the market for the sale of fascia gun (massage gun) style is also constantly iterative, in addition to the purchase of fascia gun to refer to variable speed gear, range and other performance, then what other parts need to pay attention to?Massage he Read More

  • Rope jump rope or no rope jump rope?


    Bathed in the spring breeze of technology, a common jump rope exercise, also become noble, fashion. Not only can electronic counting, there is an exclusive APP and even rope skipping rope. A host of extraordinary rope appeared, how to choose the jump rope? Let us do a comparative analysis will come Read More

  • The 4 advantages of sports tights


    Exercise makes people healthy and energetic, especially now a lot of people have the habit of running, and get up early to run, exercise and fitness, people will be a lot better spirit of the day, love sports people give a person's feeling is really sunny, now a lot of people exercise will wear a pa Read More

  • How to choose sports tights?


    With the improvement of economic level, more and more auxiliary equipment to provide enough protection for everyone sports, but also to show their beautiful body.Sports tights have also become one of the must-have equipment for everyone's sports. They are light and breathable, allowing us to keep ou Read More

  • What equipment do you need for night running - reflective material type equipment


    Most of the night running equipment is some "bright" equipment, the main role is to allow pedestrians and motorists to be able to clear your position in the night.1. LED light-emitting equipmentLED light-emitting equipment, generally including headlamps, running shoes clip lights, bracelets and so o Read More

  • What are the effects of jumping rope to your body?(2)


    4. Increase enduranceBuilding stamina is another huge benefit of jumping rope for your body. And, it's important! Our body's ability to sustain more energy for longer periods of time has a big impact on overall quality of life.Playing sports, getting a simple workout at the gym, taking a hike with f Read More

  • After jump rope exercise, do you need to warm up and stretch?


    Does jumping rope need warm-up and stretching? Can definitely say: need to warm up, also need to stretch. But such an affirmative answer, will seem rough, still need to take into account the actual situation for further discussion.The basic principle of exercise: both warm-up, but also relaxation.Th Read More

  • The best time and number of rope skipping


    How many small partners usually have the habit of jumping rope? In fact, jumping rope in our childhood memories have always been in, but always as a recreational project, and as we get older, jumping rope seems to give more meaning, such as weight loss fitness, especially for weight loss, jumping ro Read More

  • The basic posture of using the twist dish


    Twisting waist plate exercise not only need to twist the waist, but also need the cooperation of other parts of the body, in the twisting waist drive twisting waist plate rotation at the same time, play the role of burning legs, waist fat, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss and slimming.The Read More

  • What are the precautions to take when using a fascial gun?


    In fact, in recent years, as people's living standards improve, health awareness is also getting stronger. Including the concept of consumption has also changed a lot, take visiting friends and relatives, most of them used to send some food and drink gifts for daily living, but now people are more w Read More

  • how to choose the car washer pressure size?


    For car lovers, the car must be clean and stain-free, so many car owners will have car-specific washers in the car.The increasing number of urban vehicles, so that the parking lot is divided into above-ground and underground, single and double; let the high-pressure washer into the family, become a Read More

  • The choice between wearing gloves and not wearing gloves when riding?


    Gloves can protect your hands when riding. So why do some people ride without gloves? Part of it is for "fashion". And partly to enjoy the feeling of "freedom".And of course, some riders will say that riding unassisted increases their "feel" and they are more comfortable with the bike, better able t Read More

  • Who is the fascia gun for?


    Fascial guns are a recently emerging massage tool that people are using to massage their stiff and tense muscles. But in the process some people have been injured because the fascia gun is not suitable for some people to use. So who do you think the fascia gun is suitable for? What kind of people ar Read More

  • The importance of the first aid kit in the car


    Car first aid kit is a package of medical first aid equipment and drugs equipped on the vehicle, which can be used to start self-help in case of traffic accidents causing casualties, and is one of the means to effectively reduce the number of traffic fatalities. The vehicle first aid kit mainly has Read More

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