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What is the difference between hiking bags and ordinary bags(2)


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Second, the back system

Mountaineering bag is the top priority of the bag, you need to focus on whether it conforms to the human body mechanics and sweat dissipation function design, and whether there is a backpack frame inside, and backpack straps, belly straps, etc. need to consider wide and thick models design, waist also need to have a lumbar pad to increase the sense of discomfort.

Backpack system has never been the winning formula for mountaineering bags, especially brand-name mountaineering bags, focusing on how to comply with the human body mechanics and heat and sweat design, in order to increase the convenience of backpacking will generally have a backpack frame inside the bag (of course, different brands do not necessarily choose the same backpack frame, but there is a point, the more high-end bags, the more the selection of materials for the backpack frame to focus on high strength and low weight); backpack straps and belly straps focus on wide and thick soft and balanced support force, and set up chest buckle straps to form two longitudinal. And set up chest buckle with the formation of two vertical and two horizontal back system; low waist with lumbar pad to achieve the most comfortable effect and the best support pivot point; in addition the entire back system can be adjusted.

Ordinary bag simple point, although there are considered back system, but not so much attention.

Mountaineering bags are more rigorous than ordinary bags, after all, mountaineering bags need to challenge the wind and rain in the journey, so pay great attention to waterproof wear resistance, and comfort.

The core of judging the merits of a mountaineering backpack is the rationality of its backpacking system design. In the purchase of a mountaineering bag, we should choose according to our own physical conditions and not think that we are looking for big and expensive ideas.

Backpack system, responsible for combining the backpack and the human back together. It has two main functions: one is to reasonably distribute the weight to all parts of the body, to avoid concentrating only on the shoulders, so as to achieve the "good back" effect; the second is to provide the center of gravity adjustment, to ensure the balance of walking.

hiking backpack

Backpack system structure

The backpack system usually consists of the following parts: brace, shoulder belt, waist belt, weight-bearing belt, chest belt, and padding and back cloth.

Stent - For large capacity backpacks (volume 60 liters or more), the backpack system has a stent as the central component. A good brace can keep the load secure and help transfer the weight to the shoulders and hips. It comes in two types as follows.

Inner brace: The main part of the brace is located inside the backpack and is usually completely invisible from the outside. The biggest disadvantage of this type of brace is that it fits tightly on the back and to some extent hinders the evaporation of sweat gas. However, it also has obvious advantages.


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