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What is the difference between hiking bags and ordinary bags(1)


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Long-term participation in outdoor climbing or wilderness activities of friends, should all know that outdoor equipment spending are relatively large, but these are based on, take mountaineering bags for example, mountaineering bags and ordinary backpacks are not in a class, from the material, backpack design structure not to mention the mountaineering bag unique backpack system. After all is said and done, today's outdoor tour will mainly share, and where the difference is? 

First of all, because of the complex and ever-changing environment of the outdoors, the fabric used in mountaineering bags is generally a more wear-resistant nylon. Some high-grade outdoor backpacks take into account water resistance and will use waterproof fabrics, and even seamless waterproof sealed zippers, which are not seen on ordinary backpacks, so that even in the complex and changing outdoor environment, you can ensure that the contents of your bag remain dry and safe.

In addition, the webbing of ordinary backpacks (such as shoulder straps and waist belts) and other parts are easily damaged, professional mountaineering bags use nylon material in this part of the strength of many times stronger than ordinary bags, so you can rest assured that you can use professional mountaineering bags high intensity weight bearing swaying around!

hiking backpack

Of course, the biggest difference between mountaineering bags and ordinary outdoor duffel bags or in the back system. Mountaineering bags will be built on top of the back frame, while also taking into account factors such as ventilation system and perspiration system. And, the more high-end mountaineering bags in the back system of the difference is also greater. A well-designed backpack system will help you distribute the weight of the pack to your waist and crotch in a balanced manner, making your outdoor travels easy and comfortable.

Compared to ordinary backpacks, mountaineering bags are wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and waterproof with a professional back load system, which is definitely not available in ordinary backpacks. The shoulder strap adjustment back breathable design is more suitable for use in the wild. A mountaineering bag, as the name suggests, is a backpack used by mountaineers to carry supplies and equipment. A backpack is an important piece of equipment for carrying various travel items and is essential for travel. We can list the backpack, clothing, food, shoes and sleeping bag as the five essentials for wilderness travel. A good backpack is a good partner, and travelers attach great importance to their backpacks and love them. In addition to mountaineering, backpacks are also widely used in other adventure sports (such as rafting, desert crossing, etc.) and long-distance travel.

Ordinary bags are our daily necessities, while mountaineering bags, mainly keen on outings, such as mountaineering, safaris, etc.. The two are different because of the use, so there is a big difference, mainly the following points.

First, the material used

Mountaineering bags generally need to consider environmental factors, such as mountains and forests and other complex areas, so the materials used in mountaineering bags need to be thick and have a waterproof coating of high-strength waterproof wear-resistant nylon material, and the best choice of seamless waterproof zippers, as well as high-strength engineering group mouth fasteners. And the zipper will generally choose a large tooth zipper, some high-grade package also choose seamless waterproof zipper; group buckle selection of high-strength engineering plastic; flat belt with lightweight high-strength nylon. But the ordinary package is much simpler, the main choice of simple and lightweight fabrics can be.


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