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Night night riding must use professional bike lights(1)


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Have you ever let the lights coming from the opposite direction "blacken" your eyes? The moment you pass by you realize that there is a pedestrian in front of your bike! Whenever I encounter this situation, I always shout: "Your lights are strong, so the opposite side of the people can not see, very dangerous"! (Whether he will change it will not know)

A very important piece of equipment for night riding - the choice of bike lights is important. Bike lights were also discovered and developed into a professional bike light by manufacturers in recent years when the bicycle became a leisure tool.

As a cycling lighting use, using a strong flashlight and a professional bike light to compare brightness is not only ignorant, but also a sign of fearlessness.

tail light

A strong flashlight is not the same as a professional bike light

Before the introduction of professional bike lights, many people like to use a strong flashlight as a lighting tool, there are businesses to produce a device specifically used to fix the strong flashlight on the bike, to this day still many people are using this device to fix the strong flashlight as a tool for night lighting.

But a flashlight is a flashlight after all, it was originally designed for lighting purposes such as hiking, home emergency lighting, and backup flashlights in cars. Strong flashlight has its unique characteristics, generally use the light surface spotlight cup spotlight, irradiation out of the center of high brightness, there is a clear center bright spot, the center bright spot is relatively small, some do a good job can do 20 meters irradiation distance when the center bright spot diameter 0.5 meters, because the use of spotlight cup spotlight, the contrast between the center bright spot and the surrounding floodlight appears to be large. At the same time, because there is no obvious cut-off line, the flood light to high places will make the opposite people feel very harsh. 

The flashlight beam is very concentrated, especially the brightness of the middle spot can reach a very dazzling degree (many strong flashlights on the market can do); in other words, the bright area is very bright, but the area is very small, the surrounding dark places are very dark; not only can not see the reflection of the object, the contrast between light and dark is very easy to cause dazzling and lead to dangerous occurrences. Imagine meeting with a car on a narrow road, the blinding glare into the eyes of the car driver, resulting in its inability to correctly determine your position, the consequences are not unthinkable?

Most of the flashlight is the use of a 18650 battery, according to its lighting use on the shock resistance requirements are not high, fixed battery device is a spring, spring fixed there is a problem is to encounter a lot of vibration may be poor contact with the battery, resulting in jumping gear (there have been cyclists in the ride bumpy road when the flashlight jumped gear suddenly went out).


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