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Car Bluetooth headset(1)

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Car Bluetooth headset(1)

Car Bluetooth headset is only a wireless Bluetooth communication technology in the car designed and developed based on wireless Bluetooth technology. Through specific functions and designs, it specifically provides drivers with Bluetooth technology to connect with mobile phones for calls during normal driving, which has reached the liberation of hands , The purpose of reducing hidden dangers of traffic accidents.

After the mobile phone and the car Bluetooth headset are successfully matched, you don't need to do any actions in the future. You only need to set the car on fire and the car Bluetooth headset will automatically turn on. When a call comes, you can directly pick up the car Bluetooth headset from the magnetic base to answer the call without pressing any buttons! After the call is completed, directly put the car Bluetooth headset into the magnetic bottom house, it will automatically hang up and the call ends. After the car is turned off and then left, the car Bluetooth headset will automatically shut down after 20 minutes. Nothing needs to be done during this process, but it is never right to miss a call.

How to use car Bluetooth:

The first step is to enable the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone you want to set up the Bluetooth function.

The second step, use the car Bluetooth to find the Bluetooth of your mobile phone.

The third step, when the retrieval is successful, the Bluetooth name set by your mobile phone will be displayed.

The fourth step is to connect the Bluetooth device, and you will be prompted to enter a password for matching.

The fifth step is to enter the Bluetooth password set on your mobile phone. After the connection is successful, exit.

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