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Car Bluetooth headset(2)

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Car Bluetooth headset(2)

There are three main advantages of car Bluetooth headsets.

The first point is that when using it, the driving process is also safe. When driving, use the car bluetooth headset. When a call comes in, you only need to pick up the car bluetooth headset from the magnetic base to make a call without pressing a button; to end the call, just put it back and it will automatically hang up. In this process, no keys are needed. When you arrive at your destination, turn off the car and leave the car for 20 minutes, the car Bluetooth headset will automatically turn off. When you start the car next time, the car Bluetooth headset will automatically turn on, automatically connect to your mobile phone and stand by, and automatically charge.

The second point is privacy and security. Car Bluetooth headsets use top noise reduction technology to ensure the best call quality in the industry. Ordinary car Bluetooth is a hands-free call, Bluetooth communication is more secure, and privacy is not leaked! At the same time, it has good anti-interference ability and does not have any harmful interference to other radio equipment.

The third point is radiation safety. The output power of a car Bluetooth headset is only 1 milliwatt, which is one millionth of the power used by a microwave oven and one thousandth of the power of a mobile phone.

Studies have shown that making a phone call while driving greatly increases the probability of an accident. Foreign research shows that using mobile phones causes a 20% drop in attention of drivers. Domestic experts have proved that the probability of an accident is as high as 27.3% when using a mobile phone while driving, which is four times the risk of normal driving. Calling on a mobile phone while driving takes up both eyesight and hands, and because of the need to focus on the ears, it disturbs the person's nervous balance system, and the attention is greatly distracted, which can easily lead to a car accident.

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