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Car Bluetooth headset(3)

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Car Bluetooth headset(3)

The bluetooth technology in the car bluetooth system is a continuation of the bluetooth technology of the mobile phone and has the same transmitting system.

Like other Bluetooth technologies, in-car Bluetooth is also an extension of wireless Bluetooth technology. It is a wireless hands-free system designed and developed specifically for automobiles based on wireless Bluetooth technology. Its main function is to turn on the Bluetooth technology to connect with the mobile phone, and it can make hands-free calls during normal driving to ensure that incoming calls are not leaked, and it can free both hands so that they can be dedicated to driving the steering wheel, thereby reducing safety hazards.

The car’s Bluetooth system is specially designed for car owners to make hands-free calls. It has the function of automatically identifying mobile phones and can connect to mobile phones without cables or phone holders. Car owners can keep their hands on the steering wheel without touching the mobile phone. You can control the phone, and use voice commands to control answering or making calls. Users can talk through the car's audio.

When driving, using car Bluetooth makes it easier for the driver to answer the phone without wearing headphones, and uses the latest noise canceling technology to reduce the interference of other sounds, showing a strong technological charm.

If the car’s Bluetooth technology is compatible with several car’s stereos, when in use, a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and car’s stereo are paired together, so that the car owner can automatically switch the sound of the stereo, mute, and hang up when a call comes in. The sound is automatically restored when

After installing the car's Bluetooth system, the car owner does not need to be distracted when answering the phone while driving. When answering an incoming call, the user can answer the call by simply pressing a key or through voice control, which improves the safety and convenience of driving.

At present, most car Bluetooth systems support functions such as teleconferencing and MP3 playback, and are simple to operate. Multiple phones can be connected at the same time, which greatly improves driving safety.

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