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Car mobile phone holder


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Car mobile phone holder

Car mobile phone holder is a kind of bracket used to fix mobile phones on the car. The most simple and easy-to-use mobile phone holder to use in the most comfortable way, focusing on user experience, excellent structural design, according to ergonomics, the participation of the human-machine design concept, allowing driving users to obtain better users Experience.

Car phone holders are mainly used by drivers, making it safer to answer calls while driving. And the passengers in the car can free their hands when using the mobile phone. Most of the car mounts now use replaceable mounts, so you can switch at will whether you use a tablet or a mobile phone, MP4, or PDA. It adopts super powerful suction cup, which can be firmly sucked on the windshield. It can also be installed on the air outlet of car air conditioner and car dashboard. The support frame is strong and strong, will not shake or fall, and the angle can be adjusted. It can be used with different holders on vehicles and tables. At present, there are many types of car holders on the market, in addition to car holders, there are bicycle holders, motorcycle mobile phone holders, etc.

The car phone holder is for the convenience of the driver to place the phone in an appropriate position while driving, and to take it off or operate it directly. Convenience and safety are the basic requirements. The car phone holder mainly has the following fixing methods

1. The instrument panel is suction cup type. As the first-generation mobile phone holder, the disadvantage is that the suction cup is not strong and the mobile phone is easy to fall; the second-generation instrument panel suction cup type, with the glue filling process, can be washed with glue, which effectively solves the problem of the suction cup of the first generation suction cup phone holder. Defects; the advantage of the instrument panel suction cup type is that the instrument panel can be placed in the most comfortable position.

2. Front block suction cup type. Installed on the front windshield, the disadvantage is that it is far away, inconvenient to operate by hand, and the installation position has doubts about obstructing the line of sight; the advantage is that the suction is firm, there is no doubt about hurting the car, and it is more assured; the navigation can almost look up and navigate more convenient;

3. The air outlet type. Installed at the air outlet of the air conditioner, the disadvantage is that the fixed structure and position are limited due to different models, and the rotation and angle adjustment are not possible; the advantage is that it is close to the distance and easy to operate;

4. Magnetic 360-degree rotating and sticking mobile phone holder. It is installed in any plane position that is convenient for the driver to operate. The disadvantage is that the adjustment angle of the small phone is limited, and it will be printed when it is attached. The advantage is that it is small and does not block the line of sight. It can be taken down with one hand to answer the phone.

5. Silicone or other non-slip brackets, the disadvantages are that the direction cannot be adjusted, and the mobile phone is not firmly fixed. The advantage is that it is easy to fix and remove the mobile phone.


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