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Car tire inflator

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Car tire inflator

Automobile tire inflation pumps, also called inflators, air pumps, and vehicle-mounted air pumps, work through the operation of internal motors. When pumping air, the valve of the communicating device is opened by atmospheric pressure, and the gas enters the cylinder. When pumping into the tire, the valve is closed by the air pressure in the cylinder, and the gas enters the tire. It can be regarded as using the principle of atmospheric pressure. Inflatable with car, ball, rubber boat.

Car tire inflation pump is an electrical appliance that uses on-board power to inflate tires. The input power supply is 12V-15A. There are generally two access methods: cigarette lighter access and battery access.

The way of connecting the cigarette lighter is suitable for single-cylinder air pumps, and suitable for vehicles with small displacement, because the power is more suitable and convenient.

The battery connection method belongs to the dual-cylinder vehicle-mounted air pump, which is suitable for high-power vehicles, such as small trucks, buses, off-road vehicles and other large-displacement vehicles with high carrying capacity. Need to connect the power converter to the battery to use.

Accidents caused by uneven tire pressure occur from time to time. It can be seen that maintaining the tire pressure while driving is not to be taken lightly. When driving at high speed, puncture occurs mainly due to low tire pressure and high tire pressure.

With the continuous increase of domestic automobiles and the shortage of oil resources, oil prices have been rising all the way, reducing fuel consumption has become the most important issue for every car friend. Tire pressure is very particular, low or high pressure will increase fuel consumption and reduce tire service life.

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