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Common problems with air compressors


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Common problems with air compressors

There are five common problems with air compressors.

The first problem is poor ventilation and heat dissipation. There are three main environmental impacts and heat dissipation around air compressors: one is close to wall obstacles; The other is that there are other sources of heat near the air compressor; The third is that the front and side doors are open and the fan does not create a strong airflow.

The second problem is clogged radiators. When there is more dust around the air compressor, long-term operation will make the surface of the radiator adhere to a layer of dust or sludge, its internal copper pipe is easy to be blocked by oil accumulation, thus affecting the heat dissipation effect.

The third problem is that the filter is too dirty. The machine has three oil filters side by side. When it is too dirty, the resistance oil cannot enter the compressor at the normal flow rate.

Due to the lack of cooling and lubricating oil, the compressor will heat up rapidly. When the inlet and outlet oil pressure difference exceeds 0.18mpa, the filter element shall be replaced.

The fourth problem is that the coolant oil level is too low. When the chiller is inspected and the oil level is lower than the lower end of the inspection tube, it should be replenished immediately. In the operation state, the oil level of the compressor should be kept between the lowest and the highest oil level. More oil will affect the separation effect, while less oil will affect the lubrication and cooling performance of the machine. During the oil change period, if the oil level is lower than the lowest oil level, lubricating oil should be added timely, as follows:

(1) After the pressure release (confirm no pressure in the system), pull down the main switch of power supply.

(2) Open the oil port on the oil and gas separation tank, replenish the appropriate amount of cooling oil.

(3) After the normal operation of the air compressor oil change time refer to the regular maintenance table.

The fifth problem is low oil label or poor oil quality. The air compressor adopts the special compressor oil of the manufacturer. If the viscosity and specific heat of other low grade or inferior oil do not reach the standard, the temperature will increase.


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