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Common questions about the use of car mp3 player

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1. Support Format

Support MP3 and WMA format files, other formats will cause unplayable.

2. The indicator light of the car mp3 player is on, there is no sound during normal playback

First check whether the volume of the car mp3 player is turned to the lowest level. If so, you can adjust the volume to a moderate level through the car mp3 player function keys. It is recommended to use a car radio to adjust the volume under normal listening conditions so as not to affect the perfect sound effect.

3. The indicator light of the car mp3 player plugged into the car cigarette lighter does not light up and cannot be used

The cigarette lighter can be disassembled to check whether the fuse is burnt out. If the fuse is burnt, it can be replaced by itself; if there is no problem with the fuse, it may be a power supply problem. Please contact the manufacturer to detect the fault.

4.The noise is loud or the playback is interrupted

1. Please listen to the sound quality effect during the downloading process, and check whether there is a computer virus. Sometimes the virus infection will cause the playback process to get stuck and not play normally.

2. Strong local radio stations cause interference to this unit. Please select a frequency without local radio stations.

3. The car mp3 player has the function of transmitting power intensity adjustment, if there is noise, please increase the transmitting power to 3.


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