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Explain the characteristics of the car Inflator pump


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Inflator pump works by the operation of the internal motor, and is widely used in cars, motorcycles, bicycles, sports balls, inflatable toys and other inflatable objects, providing safety for daily driving Security provides great convenience for life. Today, let the editor make a comprehensive analysis of the characteristics of a high-quality car air pump for you from inside to outside.

Efficient inflation: The speed of inflation is the primary condition to measure whether the performance of the trolley pump is excellent. For a completely flattened tire, whether the tire pressure can be quickly hit to the normal value, the air flow must be at least 30L/Min. To ensure efficient inflation, in addition to high power, we must also ensure the quality of the motor. Fengjinba's in-vehicle air pump T800 is equipped with a lighting lamp and a pressure gauge. It is quick to inflate, easy to carry and store, and comes with a tire pressure gauge function to facilitate tire pressure detection at any time, and can be quickly supplemented when the tire pressure is insufficient. Pressure relief function.

High heat dissipation: The high-quality car air pump needs to have good heat dissipation, and this performance is determined by the material selected by the machine. The heat-generating components are made of high heat dissipation materials, which can accelerate heat dissipation and effectively protect the motor. Among the various components of the air pump, the heat dissipation material of the cylinder is particularly important. There are many types of in-vehicle air pumps on the market, and the materials of the heat dissipation cylinders are different. There are aluminum alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy die-casting, chrome plating, and anode aluminum alloy cylinders. Depending on the material, the heat dissipation performance is also very different. At present, the ideal heat-dissipating cylinder is an anode aluminum alloy cylinder. Anodized aluminum or alloy not only improves hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, but also has good heat dissipation and insulation.

Safe and reliable: After all, the car pump is a kind of pressurized machine, so the safety and reliability of the product must be guaranteed. Oil-free design, maintenance-free air pump has higher safety count, environmental protection and durability, and safer use. In addition to the safety of the air pump itself, it is also necessary to consider the safety when using a car battery. Car air pumps that use cigarette lighters are best to bring online insurance, which can effectively protect the automotive circuit system and ensure the safety of use; if equipped with battery clips, it is more professional and safe.

Powerful motor: The power of the air pump comes from the motor, so the quality of the motor determines the quality of the air pump. The excellent motor not only guarantees the fast inflation speed, but also effectively reduces the friction noise. High-quality motors should use pure copper high-temperature enamelled copper wire, which can reduce the large vibration of the machine during use, ensure quiet operation, ensure long-term working time, and effectively resist oxidation, breakage, and aging. , To ensure the maximum power output of the motor while also having a longer service life.

Diversified functions:-A high-quality car air pump should not only be used for tire inflation, but should have multiple functions and be suitable for many places. ①It comes with a high-precision tire pressure gauge, which is convenient to grasp the tire tire pressure at any time; ②High-efficiency LED work lights are convenient for night-time inflation lighting or use; ③Configure high-quality inflation tube and pure copper gas nozzle; ④National standard power cord, cold and high temperature resistant ; ⑤ shock-absorbing rubber base, effectively reduce working noise; ⑥ a variety of accessories air nozzle, easy to store, widely used.

Easy to carry and store: Since it is a car air pump, it must be lightweight and compact, so as to ensure that it is easy to carry and store without causing excessive load on the vehicle.

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