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Fast track for vehicle access control systems(一)


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Fast track for vehicle access control systems(一)

Over the years, Bluetooth technology, as the link between cars and drivers, has been enriching driving experience while improving road safety. Bluetooth hands-free calls and audio playback functions help drivers reduce distraction while driving and observe road conditions more safely. Now, Bluetooth technology has once again changed the relationship between cars and drivers, becoming a new standard for keyless access to cars.

First, the smartphone becomes the car key.The keyless unlocked cars for the public also bring great practicality and convenience to People's Daily life.For example, when you are full of goods and cannot spare your hands, you can enter the car as long as you are close to it, and the car will be locked when you leave, which will save you a lot of trouble while ensuring the safety of your property.But traditional keyless entry systems still carry physical keys.What happens when the owner forgets to bring his physical keys?Recently, The use of Bluetooth technology in smart phones has been further increased, which can turn a smart phone into a car key. When the owner approaches the car and opens the door, the car can actively identify the owner.Using smartphones as key CARDS has become increasingly popular thanks to Bluetooth technology.Not only that, but the technology goes beyond simple access control to support highly flexible custom applications.For example, you could program your smartphone to "open/unlock only the frequently-used door/trunk door" without having to unlock other doors.If you often need to walk to your car with your hands in your hands, this feature will help you identify when the owner opens the door automatically.At the same time, because a smartphone is a dynamic device, you can safely transfer temporary access to your car or even your house to someone else.If you have guests to stay over or need to lend your car to a friend, mobile phones can be a simple and efficient way to secure access control without having to reprogram the locks or doors.We may forget our keys, but we're not likely to forget our cell phone.

Second,vehicle entry system based on GFSK. Body side need a bluetooth host vice machine with countless bluetooth slaves, the host is responsible for communication and external equipment, the  bluetooth slave is responsible for monitoring, and will be part of the data through the CAN/do logic algorithm IN bus back to the host, the host after algorithm to external devices positioning information, operation information, etc. Through the CAN feedback to BCM, so as to realize the control of the vehicle. The KW3X family members themselves support any combination of 8 master/slave connections, which also constitutes a powerful single link/multi-link listening scheme against relay attacks.


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