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Five emergency tools for your car!


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Five emergency tools for your car!

Cars’ convenience are visible, but when the car driving on the road in a long time but can't avoid some trouble, this time, we need some emergency tools, to ensure that the car can drive forward a period of time, and then to get to the repair shop, so we should prepare some water in the car while traveling, food or emergency supplies. Keep these five emergency tools in the trunk of any car at all times.

Because we can't predict what kind of breakdown will happen in the car and when. Once the car breaks down at night, the flashlight becomes very important. It can illuminate us so that we can repair the car. If we can't fix the car, we can use the flashlight light as a signal for help.

The second is the car fire extinguisher. Whether it is an old car or a new one, it may spontaneously ignite. If we have a car fire extinguisher, when the car is smoking or a spark appears, we can put out the fire in time and reduce property damage.

The third is a car pump. If a tire is punctured by a sharp object, the puncture will deflate, in which case the pump will come in handy. As long as we use the air pump to adjust the tire pressure back to the normal tire pressure and support us to find the service area or repair shop. It is important to note that the air pump is not suitable for use in large trucks, because in this case, it is very likely to cause underpressure and danger.

The fourth is the jack.Tires are part of an intimate contact with the ground, and some cracks are inevitable after use. If we continue to use the tires in this case, we will have to replace the spare tire with a jack on a deserted highway.

The fifth is to connect wires or car batteries. Usually, the car of the old driver is always equipped with two big wires or a vehicle charger, because if the car is not used for a long time, the battery will appear very serious phenomenon, so in this case, the vehicle charger and wiring can be used.


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