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Five kinds of car supplies with potential safety hazards, do you have them in your car?

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As a means of transportation for our daily travel, the car not only provides convenience, but also improves the quality of life and happiness; but always remember that it is closely related to our travel safety. If you drive without paying attention, there will be safety risks. Once an accident causes casualties, it is a tragedy for two families. In addition, in order to regulate traffic order and ensure people’s travel safety, the formulation of traffic regulations is becoming more and more stringent; if you pay a fine of several hundred yuan a month, then don’t talk about the level of fuel consumption. The fines and fuel costs will be shared.” The cost of using a car is always high, so for safety and wallet, we must abide by traffic regulations and safety first.

But this is only one aspect. When we usually use a car, we inadvertently plant a "time bomb" for ourselves. After buying a car, many people will add some accessories and accessories to the car according to their preferences or for convenience. However, these things are likely to cause serious injury to the occupants in the car once again in the event of an accident or affect the safety of neighboring cars; for example, the following nine types of car supplies are still used by many people. If You have it in your car, so quickly clean it up!

1.Seat belt buckle


Nowadays, many cars on the market are equipped with seat belt reminders. If the occupants in the car are not wearing seat belts, they will continue to sound the warning sound; but many car owners feel that it is troublesome to wear seat belts every time they drive. The noise was annoying, so I bought a seat belt buckle and fooled the sensor through the seat belt buckle to make the alarm device "shut up". Driving without a seat belt is a very dangerous behavior. Once a collision occurs, the occupants in the car will cause more serious injuries due to inertia, and even lose their lives.

2.Steering wheel cover


Many women drivers like this furry steering wheel, looks cute, but this steering wheel also there are security risks. If you encounter an emergency while driving on the road and need to avoid emergency, the fluffy steering wheel cover may appear to be slippery, causing the obstacle that could have been avoided to fail to be avoided, causing a traffic accident. So remember: beautiful things may be accompanied by danger behind them.

3.Diamond-studded steering wheel


Embedding shining "diamonds" on the steering wheel is also something that some female drivers would do; although they are good-looking, have you ever thought that if the airbag bursts, these "diamonds" will burst directly into the air and shoot like bullets The face of the driver was severely disfigured.

4.Center console decoration


In order to make the car smell scent, some car owners put on-board perfume on the center console, and some car owners like to put some dolls on the center console. Either way, it will pose a threat to the safety of the occupants in the car; because the impact force generated by the collision is also the case, these accessories will escape from the original position and fly around, which may hit people and cause harm; so , Try not to place items on the center console. If some items must be placed on the center console, make sure that it can be properly secured.

5.Doll on the roof of the car


Maybe some car owners want to show their personality, so they buy a doll doll and put it on the roof of the car. Nowadays, when you scan short videos, you can often see such a situation; but we all know that when the car is driving fast, the airflow outside is very strong. If the doll doll on the roof is blown away by the airflow, it will fly. To the back; and the following vehicle sees something suddenly flying towards its own car, and may instinctively slam the direction to avoid it, causing the vehicle to lose control and cause an accident.


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