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Hand tools(5)

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Hand tools(5)

The hazards that can be caused by general hand tools include:

1. Cut by a sharp part.

2. Stabbed by a sharp part.

3. Clamped by tools.

4. Injure the hand when hammering.

5. Wounded by flying debris generated during work.

6. Affected by noise generated during work.

7. Inhale dust generated during work.


1. Before use, you must check whether the hand tools are damaged. Unsafe tools should not be used.

2. Keep the tools clean, especially the grip part of the tools, to avoid slipping out during work.

3. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as goggles and gloves.

4. Use hand tools with correct posture and technique. The safest posture should be stable and stable when using. Do not use excessive force.

5. When using sharp tools, do not point the blade or sharp part towards others.

6. When not in use, the tool should be protected by wrapping the blade or sharp part with a protective material. Avoid carrying the tool by hand or putting it in a pocket.

7. Hand tools should not be misused for other purposes.

8. Understand the characteristics of various hand tools and use them correctly.

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