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How can small businesses participate in the Canton Fair?


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How can small businesses participate in the Canton Fair?

The Canton Fair is a coveted exhibition resource for foreign trade companies, but for some small enterprises, because of their export scale, financial strength, and popularity, they are not comparable to large companies. It's hard to get. Facing the objective difficulties, how can small enterprises participate in the Canton Fair and achieve success. The Zhejiang delegation conducted a survey on the participating small enterprises and gave answers.

There must be an enterprising spirit that dares to dare to dare to fight, to open up new ways. The Canton Fair is a scarce exhibition resource. According to the current rules for booth allocation, it is difficult for small enterprises that do not have an advantage in exports to compete with large enterprises for booths. However, if the small business seeks another way, while trying to expand its own export scale, it will increase its investment in brand building, patent application, overseas trademark registration, and establishment of overseas marketing channels. In recent years, the Zhejiang delegation attached great importance to the evaluation of enterprises in brand building and technological innovation, and has been actively creating more opportunities for small enterprises with strong innovation and great potential.

We must have the strength and tenacity to make unremitting efforts to develop the market. The Canton Fair is not a trading venue for drought and flood protection. It is difficult for ordinary companies to gain popularity in the first exhibition without the outstanding product, price and service advantages. Especially under the fiercely competitive foreign trade situation, buyers are increasingly cautious in placing orders at the Canton Fair. Small enterprises must have the tenacity to join in the Canton Fair, and the effect will only show up if they are supplemented by early publicity and follow-up.

There must be a constant sense of trial and error. The production capacity and independent research and development capabilities of small enterprises are limited. Only by fully exerting the contingency of "turning the ship small" and enhancing the learning consciousness of continuous trial and error from the exhibition will it be possible to successfully participate in the exhibition. In the process of participating in the Canton Fair, it constantly adjusts product development and exhibition strategies according to the degree of adaptation between its own products and market demand, timely captures the consumer trend in the international market, and adjusts the product style and structure "as it pleases". Product innovation and change, which has become a magic weapon for some companies to participate in repeated exhibitions.

It is necessary to make full use of both online and offline resources. Online publicity and services are in place, which is an effective means to arouse the interest and interest of buyers, and can greatly enhance the participation effect of small enterprises. Use the website as an important auxiliary tool to participate in the Canton Fair, produce beautiful English homepages for buyers' habits, and update and add content frequently. The website not only has an overview of the company and products, new product introductions, but also must answer the visitors' emails. Through online publicity, the company and buyers met at the Canton Fair, both online and offline, and the exhibition was successful.


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