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How do routine maintenance of the car?

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Many car owners don't pay attention to the daily maintenance of their car, and repair it wherever it breaks. They don't know that the car needs to pay attention to daily maintenance in order to extend the service life and reduce the incidence of failure. When it comes to the daily maintenance of a car, it is not just a simple regular oil change.


Need to check the place every day:Before driving, look around the vehicle every day, check the appearance of the body, check whether the tires are damaged, after starting the car, observe whether there is a malfunction light on the dashboard, and observe whether there are oil stains where the vehicle stops. Many people may find it troublesome, but it is necessary to develop such a good habit to detect vehicle problems in time to avoid major troubles during driving.

Places to check every week:It is necessary to check the tire pressure and the oil condition in the engine compartment once a week. The oil check includes engine oil, brake fluid, gearbox oil, steering oil and coolant, and glass water. At the same time, the car wash cycle is about once a week, and you can generally check it out for free when you wash the car outside.

Places to check every month:Car lights, tire wear, cleaning water tanks and air conditioner condenser surfaces need to be inspected at least once a month, because light bulbs are vulnerable parts and should be replaced in time if they burn out. Check tires for bulging, abnormal wear, tire aging, etc. In addition, pay attention to check whether there are oil stains on the surface of the car chassis and engine to eliminate oil leakage.

Items inspected every six months:You can clean the engine compartment once every six months, check the wear of the engine belt, change the tires, change the oil, the oil grid, and check the air grid and air-conditioning grid. Generally, the car must be maintained once every six months.


Editor's summary: In addition to the quality problems of the various parts of the car, the service life of the various parts of the car depends on the conscious maintenance of the car owners. The best way is to develop good car habits.


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