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How much tire pressure is suitable for cars


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How much tire pressure is suitable for cars

The tire pressure gauge is a tool to measure the tire pressure of a vehicle. There are three kinds of tire pressure gauge: pen tire pressure gauge, mechanical pointer tire pressure gauge and electronic digital tire pressure gauge, among which digital tire pressure gauge is the most accurate and convenient to use. Air pressure is the lifeblood of a tire. Too high or too low will shorten its service life. If the pressure is too low, the deformation of the tire increases, and the side of the tire is prone to cracks, and flexion and flexion movement occurs at the same time, leading to excessive heat generation, rubber aging, curtain layer fatigue, cord broken.

The tire of a car is more likely to burst under low pressure, because under low pressure, the car's tire and the ground contact increases, the heat generated by friction increases, so that the tire is more likely to burst.The tire pressure is actually required in the gas cap and in the car's instruction manual. But the actual situation, you can fix an average, such as the average family practice car tire pressure in about 2.5 atmospheres.

Keeping the correct tire pressure is one of the prerequisites for safe driving, so measuring the tire pressure of a car is also an important inspection item at ordinary times, so as to drive more safely.

Of course, before we measure the tire pressure, we should know what the normal tire pressure is, usually by looking at the user manual or the tire pressure sign. For common cars, the tire pressure is about 2.3 to 2.8 bar, or 0.23-0.28Mpa, and the recommended tire pressure for the front and rear wheels may vary. Due to the high temperature in summer, the tire pressure may rise to more than the maximum value when the car is running. Therefore, the tire pressure should be lower in summer.

There are two main ways to check the tire pressure of the car, one is to use the tire pressure monitoring function of the car directly to check, so that the owner does not have to get off the car, the operation is simple, easy to use, but not all cars have this function.

Another way is to use a tire pressure gauge to check.

There are also some things to pay attention to when testing tire pressure, mainly the following:When you use an ordinary pointer tire pressure gauge, the tire pressure gauge should be reset to zero to make sure the measurement is accurate so that the measurement is more accurate. Ordinary tire pressure gauge will have a button, you can press a few more when using, to ensure that the tire pressure gauge to zero. When making specific measurements, it should be noted that the metal head of the tire pressure gauge should be firmly aligned with the valve, and the hand should not shake as much as possible to prevent air leakage, as this will affect the accuracy of the measurement.


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