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How to choose a home car washer?(二)

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How to choose a home car washer?(二)

Motor is the heart of the car washing machine, it is to control the water washing machine device. Its quality directly determines the power and service life of car washing machine. There are two kinds of motors commonly used in car washing machines: ordinary motors and intelligent motors.

An ordinary motor means that when we connect the power to the car wash, the motor is in the braking state. Its advantage is that it doesn't need to wait for water for a long time, improves the efficiency of car washing, and is cheaper. The disadvantage is that the electro-mechanic is in a working state for a long time, and inefficient rotation will reduce the service life of the car wash and waste power resources.

Intelligent motor refers to the access to power, turn on the switch of the car wash machine, the motor began to work. Its advantages are to improve the working efficiency of the motor, save the cost of water and electricity, and prolong the service life of the car washing machine. The disadvantage is that when the washing machine comes out of the water, it takes a long time to wait.

For those who don't have a high budget or don't want to wait for water, it is recommended to choose a household car wash with ordinary motors. For those who want to have a long service life or want to save cost, such as saving water and electricity resources, it is recommended to choose a household car wash with smart motors.

As a kind of household appliances, the safety of household car washing machine affects our life safety. Here are three ways we can improve our safety: child locking, water resiMany home car washes don't have child locks, which run automatically when touched by a switch.

For household car washing machines with children's locks, the opening key needs to be matched with children's locks. Can effectively prevent children to open the car wash machine, not by accident injury.

It's easy to get wet when you wash your car. And car washing machine belongs to the electrical equipment, so water resistance is very important. Effectively extend the service life of the car washing machine and protect our use safety.

There are many kinds of protection functions of the household car washing machine, such as overcurrent protection, which can prevent the motor from being damaged by too much current; Overvoltage protection can automatically disconnect the power supply when the voltage is too high to protect the motor from damage; Overheat protection, can protect the long-term work of the car washing machine will not be damaged by high temperature;

Leakage protection, prevent the car washing machine leakage, so as to improve our electrical safety.stance, and protection.


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