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How to choose a home car washer?(一)


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How to choose a home car washer?(一)

After buying a car, many people want to keep their car clean all the time, but driving it to a car wash to clean it all the time is not only expensive, but also particularly troublesome. So many people are going to buy their own car washing machine, which is convenient and saves time and effort. But nowadays there are so many kinds of home car washes, how should we choose? 

First, we can choose according to the mode of power supply.

Household car washes face different usage scenarios, and the way they are powered determines the convenience and battery life of our car washes. There are three common power supply modes for household car washing machines: cigarette lighter power supply, alternating current power supply and battery power supply.

Cigarette lighter power washing machine is generally inserted in the car cigarette lighter, its power is generally not more than 200V. Its advantage is that the power supply mode is simpler and can be used on demand. The disadvantage is that this power supply requires the car to start, long-term use can damage the car's battery, and there is nothing you can do about dirtier stains.

An AC powered car wash needs to be connected to a 220V power supply. The advantage is that the power is large enough to wash the car more pressure, can easily clean stubborn stains on the car. Its disadvantage is that the ac power washing machine is generally larger, more troublesome to carry, and on the household power supply dependence is large, strong limitations.

Battery-powered car washes usually have lithium-ion batteries built in, and their power is usually around 400W. Its advantages are compact size, easy to carry, do not have to worry about the problem of power, the car washing strength is larger, you can easily clean the car. The disadvantage is that the car can be washed for a limited time and needs to be recharged frequently.

If your car is just driving in the city, the surface viscosity of the ash layer less or wash the car frequency is higher friends, it is recommended to choose cigarette lighter power car washing machine. If your car is often in muddy areas or users who live on the first floor, it is recommended to choose a cleaner that is more capable of ac power.

For users who often wash their cars outdoors or want to wash their cars at any time, it is recommended that battery-powered car washes be more convenient in terms of both volume and power supply.


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