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How to choose a tire inflator(2)


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How to choose a tire inflator(2)

When buying an air pump, you need to be optimistic about the machine's air pump pressure and air pressure flow. These values are not as unimportant as we often think.

The higher the pressure of the air pump, the greater the air pressure that can inflate items; the more the number of air pump cylinders, the greater the air pressure flow and the faster the pumping.

Different cars have different tire pressure requirements when they go on different roads. For example, running in the desert, in order to increase the contact area between the tire and the sand particles and increase the friction force, the air will be properly deflated, while on the normal road, the air must be replaced.

Our tires should be inflated to the appropriate tire pressure? Each type of tire has different requirements for tire pressure. If your car has original tires, the normal tire pressure value will usually be written on the door frame of the driver's seat.

Outdoors, in addition to the tires that need to be pumped up, sometimes we also use camping air mattresses. Can this kind of mattress be inflated with a tire air pump? I suggest you use it with caution. The general power of the tire air pump is around 280kW, while the air pump dedicated to inflating the inflatable bed is usually only 140kW. However, equipment such as inflatable beds and kayaks requires a large amount of air. If high-power equipment is used for a long time, it is easy to burn the machine. Therefore, if you really use a tire inflation pump to inflate the kayak, it is recommended that you charge it for a while and let the machine rest for a while, which can effectively prevent damage to the equipment.

At the same time, there is another problem with using tire air pumps to inflate mattresses, that is, the inflatable nozzles are different. Due to the high power of the tire air pump, the air pump's inflation nozzle is tightly connected with the tube. To modify, the seller must have a special sleeve, otherwise it cannot be used.


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