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How to choose a useful car tire inflator pump?


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Many people think that it is useless to buy a car tire inflator. By the way, every time you perform maintenance, you can measure the tire pressure and inflate, and the frequency of use is not high. In fact, this concept is wrong. The car air pump is a necessity for the car, because once we find that the tire pressure is unstable, it is generally in the normal use of our car. If the tire is tied to a nail or some other sharp weapon, the tire It will soon be out of gas, you cannot just be in the repair shop, once this happens, if there is no air pump on the car, it will be very embarrassing. So how to choose a useful car air pump?

Buy air pump need to pay attention to a few points

1. You must not buy air pumps of a few tens of dollars, because the cost of air pumps with real metal cylinders and copper movements is about 70-80 yuan, and very cheap air pumps must not be bought. You can’t use them after you buy them. It can't be used a few times and it's not worth the loss.

2. Don't buy anything with digital display: digital display looks at high-end, but it is not practical. In many cases, there is an inaccurate display, which is not as intuitive as the tire pressure gauge, because the tire pressure gauge is mechanical, not There will be errors, and the digital display is electronic, it is easy to have problems.

3. True double cylinders and fake double cylinders: In order to lower the price, many businesses use plastic cylinders and inferior movements at the expense of safety, which causes very unstable factors to the equipment.

4. If the air pressure gauge/tire pressure gauge is copper core: if it is a copper core air pressure gauge and tire pressure gauge, the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation will be better, so that the measurement data inaccurate when the tire pressure gauge is overheated can be avoided may.

5. It is better to be multi-functional, such as: lighting device, this is mainly convenient to use at night.

6. The air needle and air nozzle are all equipped: these accessories can expand the use of air pumps, generally except for car, basketball, motorboat and other inflatable devices.

7. It is better to have an inflatable trachea. The length of the trachea above 3 meters is enough for us to deal with all models.

8. The working noise given in the product parameter configuration is 90 decibels (data reference: 20-40 decibels for the alarm sound). If the noise is too large, for example, the noise exceeds 150 decibels, it is recommended not to buy it.


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