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How to choose automatic spray gun?

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How to choose automatic spray gun?

Automatic spray gun is a common hardware automatic tool, mainly used for spraying paint and coating. There are many brands and models of automatic spray guns on the market. We should pay attention to three elements when purchasing automatic spray guns.

The first element is cost performance. When purchasing, pay attention to the product quality and the manufacturer, such as its production experience, market share and service network. Branded automatic spray guns are generally reliable in quality, but the price is generally a bit high. Although domestic similar products are usually low in price, their quality and after-sales service are often worrying.

The second element is the atomization effect. A good automatic spray gun usually has uniform atomization, stable paint flow, and high paint utilization. The atomization effect of the automatic spray gun is related to the internal channel design and the accuracy of the aperture on the nozzle and air cap on the one hand, and also to the working air pressure on the other hand.

The third element is durability. The durability of the automatic spray gun mainly depends on the material it uses. A good automatic spray gun material has both sufficient compression resistance and light weight, as well as high-quality external protective layer and internal parts.


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