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How to use car MP3?

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Car MP3 is a mobile device used by many friends who like to listen to music. It transmits the audio signals output from various portable music devices such as MP3, CD, MD, etc. to the car FM stereo radio equipment by wireless transmission. You only need to set the frequency of the car radio to the frequency of the car MP3, or let The radio finds your car's mp3 frequency and can play it. It is very convenient to use. Let's take a look at it below.

How to use car mp3?

1. Plug the car MP3 into the cigarette lighter socket, the red indicator light is on, and the FM number is displayed on the screen.

2. Press the FM band of the radio to adjust the frequency of the car radio to the same frequency as the car MP3 transmitter. Pay attention to the use of the FM FM band to avoid the existing broadcast frequency.

3. Press the button you selected from 1-6 of the selected radio for more than three seconds, and save it when you hear a drop, then you can listen to MP3 songs on this frequency.

4. Adjust the volume of the car's FM radio properly.

How to download songs in car mp3?

1. Connect the car MP3 transmitter and the computer USB port through a USB cable, you can directly download the MP3 songs you like, but in many cases, the music cannot be played due to the wrong format.

2. This is to use other methods. First open Kugou music, enter the page, click on the lossless music, enter the song you want to download in the music search.

3. After finding it, download it in ape or flac format.

4. After downloading, click the format conversion on the right side of Kugou music.

5. Click Add file after opening, find the song you downloaded, double-click it, add it to the conversion list, click MP3 format, select 320kpbs bit rate in the music quality, select the music storage location in the target folder, select the resource priority in the task priority, Finally, click Convert File.

6. You can then put the converted music into MP3 through step one. The sound quality of such music is the same as listening with CD.

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