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If these two shortcomings of new energy vehicles remain unchanged, the prospects are worrying!

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In order to promote the development of clean energy and protect the earth's atmospheric environment, countries around the world are nowvigorously promoting new energy vehicles, and because the later cost of new energy is lower, car owners also prefer it. However, some new energy vehicle owners bluntly said that if these two shortcomings are not eliminated, the future of new energy vehicles is worrying.

1.Difficult maintenance

The more car repair points, the more convenient it is to repair, but after all, new energy vehicles are fresh products, and there are not many repair shops that specialize in repairing new energy vehicles. In addition, the maintenance of new energy vehicles has high requirements for after-sales service technicians. Generally, electrician certificates are required to repair. As a result, car owners can only go to 4S shops to receive maintenance services, and even need to replace original parts, which causes maintenance difficulties and increases maintenance costs.


2.The battery cost is too high

One disadvantage of new energy vehicles is the battery life. New energy vehicles can only be used for about six years, after which the owner can only choose to replace the battery pack. But generally a set of batteries is very expensive, and it is better for car owners to buy a new car. This leads to a low rate of value retention of new energy vehicles. If you want to sell new energy vehicles, there may be no second-hand car dealers who dare to buy them.


In the minds of new energy vehicle owners, its shortcomings may be more than these two points, as well as battery life, safety, charging and other issues, but these issues can be resolved.However, the above two problems directly hit the new energy vehicle development fortress. If they are not resolved as soon as possible, their subsequent development will definitely be affected.


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