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If you have a car, there are three great things that you deserve to own.

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After I bought it, I was very satisfied and felt very useful. I will share these today.

Car sun visor (required in summer):

Every summer, the heat wave in the car bursts out the moment the door is opened, especially girls like to wear shorts and short skirts in summer. After an exposed car, the temperature inside the car will climb from more than 30 degrees to more than 50 degrees. I touched the steering wheel, and it was so hot that I doubted my life in an instant. I didn't know what posture I should use to drive for a period of time. Therefore, the sun visor is still necessary. The sun visor is placed to block the direct sunlight to the central control and steering wheel of the car. It can effectively delay its aging. Of course, it is no longer necessary to grasp the hot steering wheel. Up.


Wide-angle lens:

It is an indisputable fact that the rearview mirror has a range and a blind spot of the viewing angle, especially when merging or reversing, the blind spot of the viewing angle can easily cause traffic accidents and vehicle scratches, so a small round mirror can be used to solve the blind spot problem.Reduce the range of blind spots, increase the field of vision, and make driving safer.

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Car refrigerator:

In summer, I like to drive to the beach by car. Generally, it takes about 3-4 hours to drive. The drinks I bought in the car will soon reach room temperature. At this time, I discovered the benefits of the car refrigerator.With it, you can have an iced drink anytime in the hot summer, that is the real happiness~

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In addition to these, you can also leave a message to tell me what good things you recommend~


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