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Impact drill(3)

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Impact drill(3)


(1) A professional electrician should regularly replace the carbon brush of the impact drill and check the spring pressure.

(2) Ensure the overall integrity of the percussion drill body, cleanliness and removal of dirt, and ensure smooth rotation of the percussion drill.

(3) Professionals regularly check whether the parts of the electric drill are damaged. If the damage is serious, they should be replaced in time.

(4) Timely supplement the body screw fasteners that are lost on the body during operation.

(5) Regularly check whether the bearings, gears and cooling fan blades of the transmission part are flexible and intact, and add lubricating oil to the rotating parts in time to extend the service life of the electric drill.

(6) Return the electric drill to the tool warehouse for safekeeping after use. Never store it in the personal tool cabinet overnight.

Under normal circumstances, the impact drill cannot be used as an electric drill:

One is because the direction of the impact drill is not easy to grasp when in use, it is prone to misoperation, and the opening is too large;

The second is that the drill bit is not sharp, so that the hole is not neat and burrs or cracks appear;

Third,even if there is a switch on it, try not to use it for drilling, unless you use a special drill bit, but because the speed of the electric drill is very fast, it is easy to make the hole black and make the drill hair hot, which affects the use of the drill. life.


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