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Is the greater the power of the portable car tire inflator pump, the better?


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Hangzhou Vcan Trade Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of car tire air pumps, and I know that everyone now values car safety. Therefore, I am here to popularize the relevant knowledge of car tire inflator pump to avoid being deceived and even endangering the lives of myself and the crew.
At present, the price of car tire inflator pump is high and low, and the quality is of course good or bad, but in the end we want to choose a safer and more durable one. Generally speaking, as a car owner, it is inevitable to go out for self-driving tours, and occasionally during driving In the case of flat tires, it will affect driving safety. Finding a trailer is time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive. Therefore, portable car tire inflation pumps came into being.

So, what kind of car tire inflator pump is safe and reliable?You only need to understand a few common sense of cars.
1. The general car rated voltage is 12V, which is the same all over the world. If it exceeds it, it will be abnormal.
2. The rated current of a car fuse is 10A, and a fuse exceeding 10A will burn out.
3. The tire pressure of general household cars is 2.5Kg, SUV and off-road vehicles will be larger, but will not exceed 4Kg. Therefore, when inflating the tire, it is best to inflate according to the basic parameters on the tire. It is not safe to be too full and too little.
4. In the process of inflating the tire, the current will increase with the increase of tire pressure.
5. According to 1 and 2, there is power = voltage X current, we can know that the maximum power of the air pump should not exceed 120W, more than 120W, because the voltage is constant, then the sacrifice will be the current, the current will exceed 10A, Then the car fuse will burn out.

To sum up, when you buy car tire air pumps for yourself or for others, don't believe that the higher the power, the better, because the current will be very large and very unsafe.
Hope Hangzhou Vcan Trade Co., Ltd. helps everyone.


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