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Remember to check these 3 places every 6 months when the vehicle is driven

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Now the car is very popular, but the car knowledge has not been popularized. Everyone who drives a car has a driver’s license, but not many people who know the car. Many people think that as long as the car is maintained normally, it is no problem to change the oil. In this way, in addition to the normal maintenance of the car, you also need to check the following places every 3 months or half a year.


1. The first is the lower arm ball head. Many people ignore this place. In fact, this place needs to be checked regularly, especially after the car has been driven for tens of thousands of kilometers. Once the place is severely worn, this ball head is very useful. If possible, they will be dragged out. If the vehicle is driving at high speed at this time, the consequences will be disastrous. It is connected to the two lower arms, if the rubber sleeve is worn out, abnormal noise will occur.


2. The steering gear tie rod head, which includes the outer tie rod head and the inner tie rod head, is also prone to danger if it is severely worn. The inspection method is also very simple, that is, raise the car, hold the tire and shake it. See if there is any shaking of the tires. If there is, it proves that the ball head is seriously worn.


3. Shock absorption. Many drivers find the abnormal noise of the vehicle to check. Generally, 4S shops will recommend replacing the shock absorber. In fact, the shock absorber of the car is very durable. Under normal circumstances, it will not be broken. We only need to look at it. The shock absorber does not leak oil. In other words, even if the oil leaks, it will not affect the driving safety, so it is not too late to change if the oil leaks. The shock absorber of many cars is shaking, in fact, the top corner (rubber) is broken, and you only need to replace this thing.


Remember to check these places every 6 months after driving. Have you remembered now? So when we are going to repair a car, we must not be fooled by changing parts. It is not easy for everyone to make money. If you can save money for car maintenance, what do you think?


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