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Special rubber for vehicles

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Special rubber for vehicles

With the development of automobile industry, the demand of special rubber for automobile becomes higher. Due to the continuous improvement of automobile performance and the continuous increase of ambient temperature of automobile parts, the development and application of high-performance new raw materials with excellent oil resistance and high temperature resistance has become an important topic in the production industry of automobile rubber parts.

With the upgrading of the automobile market and the rise of domestic brands, China's automobile industry is in a period of rapid development, vehicles on the performance and quality of rubber products put forward higher requirements, the original use of rubber accessories can no longer meet the requirements of the current use, and must be replaced by special rubber. Rubber parts need to greatly improve the heat, cold, oil resistance, aging resistance and other indicators.

At present, each car used special rubber accessories up to 400 ~ 500, weight about 40kg(excluding tires), accounting for 4% ~ 5% of the vehicle, its output value accounted for 6% of the total output value of auto parts. Special rubber for vehicles refers to the rubber with high temperature resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance and high air tightness characteristics, mainly used to meet the requirements of high places. It is understood that special rubber products used in automobiles are important parts of automobiles. Various rubber products used in automobiles not only have large quantity but also high requirements.

At the same time, acrylate rubber and epDM rubber, as special rubber with excellent performance, are also imported in large quantities every year.

It is known that acrylate rubber can be used to produce dozens of auto parts.

However, more than half of the acrylate rubber used in the production of auto parts needs to be imported because the acrylate rubber units in China have not reached the economic scale and are far from meeting the demand of the domestic market.

In car with special rubber, epdm is one of the largest analysing consumption, baker seal active use new materials to improve product quality and production technology of consciousness and ability, special analysing development suitable for the special parts, such as dynamic performance for high temperature resistant, resistant to harsh conditions of use, compression permanent deformation performance excellent auto parts for analysing, make the performance of the rubber seal parts meet the requirements of the car.


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